questionsare you comfortable enough with your boss to tell…


I could get away with it if I could come up with an insult for my boss.

In all the years I've known him I've never heard a valid complaint about him.


I am the boss at my company and I am frequently the brunt of jokes by others in the company and by customers. I haven't fired anyone ..... yet.


I could, and have, zinged my boss. (Current zing being Iphone is only as stupid as the operator. He is not tech saavy) He has zinged me a time or 2 as well.


No. I can gently tease any of my bosses, but a direct slam would be out of the question. It has nothing to do with personal comfort levels, that's the tone of my workplace. Professional and courteous. Seriously or in jest, insulting a co-worker would not be well received. I get a sense from reading a lot of posts here that most people work in a far more casual environment than I do. We have almost unlimited tolerance for personalization of our workspace and a friendly atmosphere with costume contests at Halloween and pot lucks for every imaginable occasion. But we also have a fairly narrow dress code (with allowances for how hot it is here), and pretty much a zero tolerance for negative personal behavior, even when it is thinly disguised as humor.


Yes. I work for a trucking company, in the office. Definitely some language, some raised voices, and some colorful jokes from time to time here.


Yes I can. The bosses are my parents and my older brother. Altough, I do have to change the language once in a while.


Yes. My boss and I were coworkers - I actually interviewed him back in the day. He took the management route, I stayed in engineering. He's a good guy.


Absolutely not. I think it is less my current boss that the corporate culture. It just wouldn't be considered appropriate my work place. On top of that, my current boss is in a different physical location and I have never actually met him face-to-face so I definitely don't feel that I know him well enough to joke like that!


I don't think it has anything to do with comfort to me, it has to do with appropriateness. (Which is to say while I've generally worked in places that are totally casual about that sort of thing, it's not a matter of doing it because you can, it's more of not doing it because you probably shouldn't.)