questionswhat blu-ray player/system should i buy?


OK, if your sound system works well, leave it be. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

There are a lot of fantastic DVD/Blu-Ray/3d players you can find for that kind of money.

As I said before, I would skip the surround idea, mainly because if you have something that works fairly well, you are not going to be able to find something for that kind of money that would provide you with a noticeable and/or worth-the-money difference.

That being said, you can pretty much pick and choose your features if you have a $100+ budget for a Blu-Ray/3D/Wifi player.


@the18thtee84: sorry I should have said I'm looking to keep it under $100 if we don't go the surround sound route


You're not getting anything decent, sound-system wise, for that little money. You might find a cruddy HTIB but those are really on the low end of sound systems. BD players now are like DVD players several years ago: pretty standard set of features, hard to go wrong with any of them. I'd say just pick the one that has the features you want and go with it!
Here's a Sony one, 3D and WiFi, for $98.


Sony BDP-S390, 3D and Wifi $89.99 with free shipping: Link


When Blu Ray players were first coming out, there was only 1 choice... the PS3... I have been very happy with that choice ever since..

Havent really had a need to research further as it constantly updates and is a 3D BluRay Capable player in itself (plus video-games/apps/etc). And with deals you can get a PS3 for about $150-$200


@devexityspace: When doing research on Blu-rays PS3 is one that is near the top of the list consistently and is in the running.


according to your wife's requirement, I thought a loud speaker would be a much better solution.


And I thought there might be techies here ...
Talk to Mr Google. There may be a replacement for your non working DVD player.
Check the back of your surround sound system. Any stereo inputs? Many can take stereo/ etc in, and make converted or ersatz surround out.
I have a newer stereo TV hooked to my old Marantz- and it sounds mahvahlous.


@eeekdageek: You really can't go wrong with the PS3.. and if you're tech-oriented it's endlessly upgradable with a HUGE homebrew community.

Plus all of the other awesome stuff it does. It can also play pretty much any video service also (Netflix, etc) And the market is slathered with remote controls and peripherals for it.

Oh! Plus it can play DIGITAL videos from external hard drive. They can also be found decently priced.

So.. PS3.


The one thing that I would say against the ps3 is that they have made it less good for playing video files. If this is something you're interested in I might consider a different device.


You should do what I did. I had a cheap Home Theater in a Box DVD player.

When I upgraded to a blu-ray player, I got a standalone blu-ray player. Then, I got a good Pioneer surround receiver with HDMI inputs. It was a VSX-520K. Discontinued, but very good - same series VSX-xxx-K can still be found for cheap.

Between those two, you're looking at $200 so far. I hooked up my old HTIB speakers to the receiver, even though the impedance didn't match. Found that I needed a powered subwoofer. I got a nice Sony one for $100.

In the years that followed, I'm upgrading the speakers little by little. I now have a nice center channel, and am waiting to buy the surround speakers. But it sounds GREAT, and much better than a kit-in-a-box.

The center channel and subwoofer are the two most important parts of a good sound system, and you should spend $100 or more on each. When you can.

The receiver has additional inputs for things like our Roku and video games - HTIB don't have that.


@missellienc: The Sony S390 does not have 3D. The S590 model linked in the comment above yours (by @stryker4526) does.


@dxdn: I swear the description heading said 3D when I looked at it last night on the Crutchfield site. I noticed the 590 was 3D so I kinda wondered what the differences could be. Maybe they caught the error and corrected it.


@omnichad: That is something I will look into for sure thanks for the advice see I knew there was a good reason for asking this question here.

Thanks for the input guys & gals keep it coming if you have more that may help the decision.