questionsdo you feel powerful?


At least the internet allows you to have that feeling once in your pitiful lives.


@iggz: Interesting. @shawnmiller @josefresno @snapster
When there's no additional text to the question, the question box doesn't fully contain the +/- stats.


@trahentis: I see them but they are overlapping into the background. +1 -4

Oh, doh -that's what you meant. Yes, agreed.


@trahentis: Good catch. I guess this is the first case in which this could have happened. I guess the designers are going to give a bigger area to the white space. But this will create more dead space.


@snapster: Pardon my interjection, sir, but I see no specific statistics. I see a current -6 on the question (and so pleasant that was, to add to it), but not the war that must be going on for less deserving targets. Where is this statistic that you speak of?


@shrdlu: Right under the total in a pale grey they have
[at time of posting]
(side note: OP edits in G+ live in the options menu-a down arrow-to the right of post header)

@sgoman5674: Dead space isn't really an issue. They just need to include a case for no question text where it give an extra line.
Or as a short-circuit solution, they could include a space as the text when there is none otherwise.


It's for contrast calibration on your monitor.

Feature. +1


Not visible at all under firefox. Visible only by highlighting the area under IE. I may (probability == 90%) have something blocked that permits this display. I do not have javascript blocked, but I have a browser that does not have anything Flash enabled.

[Edit] Not sure that I care that much, myself, just pointing it out.


@shrdlu: Who said you could speak on my question? You're probably still using Firefox 1.0, we are at Firefox 5.0 now... you're welcome.


@snapster: The old /voted links, such as, don't give the information I expected. I guessed that it might redirect to .../votedfor. Instead, it's sometimes empty and sometimes lists a few seemingly random recent entries.


@chris12345: I agree that /voted should probably redirect to /votedfor
That's an issue for @shawnmiller, I think.


I heard that dev had to rebuild some of the old activity tables and that is progressing in the background. I suspect that's what you are noticing and that it will correct itself.


@iggz: that first link is gold!

" you have a degree in economics?
Uh... yes ma'am I do. Highest honors."


@a.priori.eureka: thanks for pointing that one out, I don't normally click on the links (unless it is to a deal).

The ole ad hominem didn't work and she stammered for a second.


@alistore: lmao, I'll be sure to check it out


@ecriscit: yes, but she was stammering the whole way through.
It was a little sad, I mean, I wanted to like her because she's sizzling... but her prep. work and persuasive style left her syllogism sorely lacking.


@a.priori.eureka: She's the same bimbo who did this-

She tried to peg the Tea Party as racist, by saying some white guy with a gun was spewing hate about Obama, but later it was found out the guy was actually black and at a health care rally outside of President Obama’s speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Phoenix, Arizona.

The MSM is a disgrace and anyone who listens and believes it is just as bad.