questionshave you ever tried birch syrup?


Never had that, but I've had birch beer before. Tastes a lot like root beer. Was surprised to find out it was really a northeastern thing because it was northern IL where I tried it.


I'll give it a try if I ever see any in stores. I love birch beer but I can't find that either here in Texas.


We used to have a restaurant chain in South Florida called Royal Castle (it was like White Castle with small burgers) and they sold Birch beer as their only soft drink.


My husband, who grew up in southern Florida, has mentioned Royal Castle burgers & nickel birch beer. I think he loved the stuff as much as I did growing up. I spent several of my young summers visiting my grandparents in PA, and gorging on birch beer. It was the only place I can recall having it.

I didn't touch the stuff as an adult--too many empty calories, so I was overjoyed to discover one of the smaller grocery stores carried their own brand of diet birch beer. We bring home a case or two every summer and ration it out. The taste of birch beer is a part of my summer as much as the smell of freshly cut grass and Bain de Soleil.

I'd be game to try birch syrup. It might not be too bad.


Birch beer is kind of a different bird, but more like root beer.

I'm really curious what birch syrup would taste like, and what you would use it for. It sounds like it should be used very differently than maple syrup: the guy from Cornell said that it "would be a big mistake" to put it on pancakes.


I wonder if he said more but it got edited due to space, or if he just doesn't know what he is talking about.

If you put it on pancakes expecting it to taste like maple syrup...yeah, you're going to be disappointed. But if you put it on pancakes expecting it to taste delicious, but not like maple syrup, then laissez les bons temps rouler. Especially if you are a fan of sourdough pancakes, or already prefer a fruit topping.


I was going to check it out but the link took me to yahoo games. :(


NO. I am allergic to birch and its products.


I've been wondering why the russian immigrant family across the street taps the trunks of their birch trees in the front yard and fill jugs with the drippings. cool.


@mybestuser1: How did you learn you were allergic to birch? That seems like an oddly specific allergy. (but I guess most of them are, when you get down to it.)


@gatzby: I am allergic to birch pollen(tested) Xylitol (cant eat some chewing gums) Smoke from a fire made of Birch (severe reaction) I have not found a Birch product that I don't react badly to but I grew up around Birches and I was very miserable.


@mybestuser1: Ahh! Interesting. Didn't grow up around birch, so didn't even think of it as firewood.