questionswill wine.woot be able to ship to maryland?


Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.


I'd bet you would get a better answer to this by asking over on the World of Wine Woot forums, but my guess is that you're still screwed on this one. I've never received a wine from wine dot woot that wasn't from one of the shippers in CA. I recently ordered wine that is made within 80 miles of me, and it still shipped from CA (instead of WA).

That's just a guess on my part, but it's a pretty educated one. I'd still recommend asking this over there (although you may want to wait until the woot off is over).


@shrdlu: Was that the yummy sounding wine you told me about a few days ago? If so, how was it? Or, how is it, depending on quantity purchased vs. consumption rate?


Where wine.woot ships to isn't determined by us, but rather where each winery is allowed to ship, and the laws in that state. I don't know Maryland's laws specifically, but you might check

The short answer is: Maybe. Keep an eye on it.


@magic cave: You talking about the Reininger's? Most likely you are, since that's the last thing I'd ordered. I already knew how it was (extremely tasty), and bought two (so four bottles total) since Syrah is one of my favorites, and Merlot is also.

Their Syrah is consistently rated in the nineties, and it deserves that rating. I couldn't resist purchasing, since that was cheaper than I could have bought it from the winery. I've had both of these before, so they were just purchased for later. Currently I'm drinking a very nice Merlot (Bookwalter) from 1998, and finding it very pleasant.


@shrdlu: Their Helix Pomatia is one of my favorites. Very inexpensive and very drinkable.


Here is a link to the states that wine.woot can ship to:

Currently, it appears that they can't ship to Maryland


@msklzannie: well, the law hasn't technically passed yet although the governor is expected to sign it. Plus, it wouldn't be in effect until July or so.