questionsis this an inside joke? why is lysol on theā€¦


There was a deal posted for office depot or some such place that had mis-priced lysol wipes. Basically, you could get a case of 6 industrial sized tubes that each had like 100 sheets in them for $5. It was clearly a pricing error, so woot may have deleted it.

Found it:


I like to search for lysol deals so I can delete them. As a member of the SC Johnson family*, I see it as a service to my relatives.

Down with Lysol

*I have no affiliation with SC Johnson


@bsmith1: I am not getting the product = wife disappointment.

Yes obviously paying under $.20 for 1 wet paper towel must be a pricing error.


@caffeine_dude: I don't get your $.20 for 1 wet towel comment...

Deal price: 660 towels for $5.00 = $0.0075 per sheet

Regular price: 660 towels for $27.59 = $0.041 per sheet