questionsdoes freyr have you stuck inside this weekend?


@olperfesser: Gandalf? They're naming a winter storm Gandalf!! I'm on the fence about naming winter storms. Goodness knows the Weather Channel is infamous for whipping the public into a frenzy over less-than-dangerous weather. I'll have to go back and re-read the article to see what they decide is a regular snow event and what they consider a lay-in-supplies-it's-gonna-be-a-whoppa storm.

Meanwhile, I'll keep looking for more weatherman Lowell Melser videos. Lowell's a great guy and took a lot of guff over his weather goggles earlier in the year.

(It's rainy and in the 70s here. Sometimes, I just hate Florida.)


Bright sun (well it seemed bright since I hadn't seen any for two months) and 50 degrees today. And I had a big fat migraine but I went outside and enjoyed it anyway. Probably won't see any more sun until April now. I hope I'm wrong though.


It's not snowing in my neighborhood, but snowing really heavily in my friend's who only lives about 10 minutes away. Same town.

I think I might have broken through the Matrix here.


So these names are an invention of the weather channel, not any official agency? Figures they'd be a product of a hype machine. That said, kinda cool they have "Q" on the list of names, too...


Just a bit chilly here. I don't want to take down the outside decorations anyway: it was enough work getting them up and it makes the house look good they will stay up for a few more days at least: maybe next weekend they'll come down.


Will the Weather Channel have winter storm "Q" be played by John de Lancie?

The idea of naming major ones isn't bad, but it needs to be done at an official (NOAA/NWC) level or I don't see it catching on... my family (and most of those I know) watch regular news stations for the weather, not the weather channel. Part of the problem I see is that it's hard to predict just how bad a storm is going to be in the winter, vs hurricanes having more significant and predictable classifications. I don't know how many times I've heard the news warning about a winter storm and it ends up being a snoozer... and how many other times I've heard little and it ends up a major mess.

As for this storm, we got like 1" on grass and about an inch of slushy mess on sidewalks in SE PA. Enough to be annoying and a mess but nothing that'll be much of an issue once it stops, especially if it turns to rain like it's supposed to later.


@olperfesser: Thanks for the explanation link. I noticed that we had been dumped on by "Euclid" and wondered when the naming started.


@lavikinga: now I have another reason to hate The Hobbit