questionsis there a mobile version of deals.woot?


How many times has this been asked and answered? [edit] Like 20 times -_- I know you are trying to ask something different, but you answered it right in your question! NO there isn't, and you already knew that.

There is always WootWatcher for Android, but it does not have deals.woot.
And of course there is WootCheck for Android which does have a deals.woot page, though you can not vote, etc. When you click on the deal it opens a new tab on your devices browser and takes you directly to the deal. nuff said, good day to you


@miquinn: No need for you to be rude.

Just looking for a trimmed down version of this site without all the other unneeded columns and high bandwidth required images.


I have Wootstar on my iPhone. Gives me deals of the day.


@cengland0: Yes - "Woot Check"

It gives you all of the woot sites (Woot, Wine.Woot, Shirt.Woot, Sellout.Woot, Kids.Woot, Home.Woot, Sport.Woot, Moofi, AND [YES] Deals.Woot.) I run it on my Android device.

But yes, this has a "deja vu" aspect to it...


I'm not sure because I haven't tried a "mobile" version. I pretty much have a desktop available 24/7.


Thanks for letting me know about wootcheck so plus 1 for you. I just tried it and it is pretty good. The only problem is with the deals.woot site. It doesn't show the fresh data and only shows the popular. Also, I cannot vote on the deals that are listed.

So far it's the best solution to the problem but not a perfect fix. Hopefully a mobile version of the site can be created soon now that I'm slowly converting away from desktop computers and going toward the use of portable/wireless android devices.


@iampgray: Oh and one more thing it's missing is the questions and ability to add comments.