questionsanyone else experiencing down-vote stalking?


So you're saying when you downvoted this item (priced at $9.99 with free shipping):

it's because you looked around and found it was priced better somewhere else? As well as all of my other deals you downvoted? I see a total of 5 so you must have been very busy comparison shopping at other lingerie sites, correct?


@ohcheri: I didn't like the item, HOWEVER if you look, I voted up many of your items. I only voted down the deal I actually didn't think was that good.

So please go look. It would not be a problem if someone voted some of our deals down, if they were fair and voted up the deals they like!


you could try posting a comment asking why people are posting negatively. try to make it as genuine as possible, asking for feedback. i've seen people post why they downvoted. sometimes the feedback comes across very bluntly but at least it's an idea of -WHY- that you can choose to act on or ignore.
or try preemptively asking for the feedback within the deal description. i.e. "if posting negative feedback, please let me know what i can do to improve".
someone may just comment why and you can either fix their perception or at least state your position. if you want

here are some ideas:
-could be your competition downvoting you
-could be someone who tried ordering when the sale price went back to regular price, previously or now
-could be a dupe you already posted from a week or a month ago. seen those
-could be some taboo subject matter
-could be they got a defective product from you before
-could be your deals are over one dollar and therefore not true "dollar deals"


@dollardealsclub: There you answered your own question. People downvote your deals because they don't like the product, it rarely has anything to do with the price.


@ohcheri: So are you going to Post a link to everything I voted up of yours? The problem is we sellers have to be FAIR, we do not like every deal we all post, but the ones we do we should vote up.

P.S. I am NOT mad at you, however I do feel you should have done a little research before you assumed something, agreed?


@dollardealsclub: a bit of a blundering idiot, are we? So you didn't like the deal, so you downvoted it. That's exactly @ohcheri's point. Other people are downvoting your deal NOT because of the price, but because they DON'T like it.


@ohcheri: No some people are just voting down for no reason. If you don't like something that you are NOT interested in DON'T Vote! However like in my case as a CUSTOMER of yours, I do like MOST but I don't like something based on price or looks I might vote down. In your case I voted up a BUNCH, and voted down one. WOW!


@dollardealsclub: I'm not mad at you either, I used that one as an example of a item that has a great price but was voted down for other reasons.

I believe that is the same issue you're experiencing...people look at a Tiffany album (for example) and because they don't like that particular artist they downvote. They probably didn't even look at the price.

Should people ignore items they don't like, yes! That's why so many people were against the idea of down voting from the start. This is an experiment and only the Gods o' Woot can decide if it has merit. The rest of us are just along for the ride :-)


@capguncowboy: No, ohcheri assumed we were down-voting like others for NO reason. But the fact is I am a customer, so I up-voted most and down-voted 1 item. That is NOT the same as someone down-voting everything.

However I am willing to be wrong, lets see what ohcheri says after she/he reviews our votes, and sees that we in fact are a FAN/CUSTOMER not the enemy.


I didn't down-vote but I can't really imagine many people are looking for CD's here in this day in age. I occasionally vote for DVD's but only because I like the movie, not because I have any intention of buying a DVD (I only own one and it is music videos). Plus, anything where the S&H is close to 100% of the price immediately turns me off to it, even if it is still a great deal. If the price was $4.00 with free shipping, I would be a lot more interested (I realize this is a completely stupid way of thinking).


The Chi-Lites Live
Our Kind of Soul
Yellow Submarine Karaoke
Think We're Alone Now (80's Music CD) Tiffany

Seriously! This is stuff most people would throw away if given for free. Just because your deal is the cheapest available doesn't make your deal value for money.


@benyust2: We offer $1.95 shipping or Free Shipping on Orders of $30 or more. Basically we are just trying to give the BEST Delivered deal on the Music CDs, DVDs, Karaoke, VHS, and Spanish Media Products we offer. We are not trying to trick anyone, just straight forward delivered deals!

Shipping of a CD or DVD nowadays with Delivery Confirmation is $2.50, so our customers are actually getting an extremely good deal. That is why we should get lots of Up-Votes as we used to before the Down-Voting started.


@bippythebeardless: Based on that logic, we all should just go down the line and Down-Vote the 90% of the products that we are not interested in. If I see something someone is selling that I am NOT interested in I don't vote. If I see something someone is selling that I am interested in I Vote Up or Down, that is the way it is supposed to work. Is that correct WOOT?


@benyust2: "Plus, anything where the S&H is close to 100% of the price immediately turns me off to it, even if it is still a great deal. If the price was $4.00 with free shipping, I would be a lot more interested (I realize this is a completely stupid way of thinking)."

A lot of people think that way. Marketing Studies and statistics have shown this. Just thought I'd let ya know your not alone! :)


@w00tgurl: In my opinion, I think it is mostly competition voting against others. I am not only talking about competition that is selling similar items, I am also thinking about people competing for Made Popular status. Some may think if we vote down some sellers that are getting votes, it will help them get featured.




The Chi-Lites Live - Usually sells for $5 to $10 plus Shipping on the Internet!

Our Kind of Soul - Special Edition - Usually sells for $5 to $10 plus Shipping on the Internet!

Yellow Submarine Karaoke - Usually sells for $20 to $30 plus Shipping on the Internet!

Think We're Alone Now (80's Music CD) Tiffany - Usually sells for $5 to $10 on Amazon!

So all of those items are only $2 from us, and they shouldn't be Up-Voted based on the people that like them? Example if you don't like Karaoke don't Vote, if you do I am sure you think a Karaoke Disc that goes 10 to 15 times the listed price would be an Up-Vote, you think!



@dollardealsclub: Please take a moment and review this topic to see how you've represented yourself and your company here on woot. Based on this topic, which we're not sure how many people read, would you buy anything from you?

@w00tgurl: I think that's a bad idea. I think that asking for others to explain themselves would just attract more negative attention.


@sykotek: I started a topic that was supposed to be for others that had a similar experience. I didn't expect all of this, first starting off with someone thinking we were downing them, etc.

This is why our country is in such bad shape, if someone tries to talk about an issue they get knocked down! I work for a GOOD American company with HONEST people, and I am not ashamed of that. God Bless America!


@dollardealsclub: You'll notice that I didn't actually say anything bad about you or your deals, just for you to objectively look at this image that you are creating for yourself and for the company you work for.

While this topic has deviated from your original intent, that is the nature of conversation and in my estimation, you could've handled it more professionally.

The reason this country is in such bad shape is not because of the freedom afforded to allow the people to voice their opinions in a public forum. Being able to publicly disagree with the opinions of others is one of the best things about American society. You may work for a GOOD and HONEST American company, but you're certainly not doing them any justice with the way you've represented them here.


@sykotek: In Your Opinion! I think people like to dish out in GROUPS, but can not accept any other position. Again, the topic changed, that is NOT my fault. So because I work for a GOOD American company, I should give up my rights of my own opinion?

Somehow I need to be put back in line, because I didn't agree with some side track comments, that is all American right? I accept EVERYONES different opinion as a right, but that doesn't mean I don't have the right to defend or offer a different opinion.

I will be shopping from ohcheri very soon, but according to some people I should hold it against the company that they said something I didn't agree with. That is why we have MSNBC and FoxNews, pick a side, because we can not deal with everyone having the right to their own opinion.

America FIRST!


@dollardealsclub: that last comment made me want to downvote you too. Sounds like a second grader arguing on the playground more than someone representing a company.


@kamikazeken: I did learn a lesson, which is if you have a opinion on something post it in the forums, but DON'T respond if it gets off subject!

Title of Post: "Anyone else experiencing Down-Vote stalking?"



Even at $2.00 per item they are highly overpriced. There are many cheep and cheerful cds and dvds available that are far better entertainment and much better value for money at similar low prices.

If I were to sell an old boot for $1.00 and that was the best price available anywhere it still isn't a good deal since I am still just selling rubbish for real money (no offense to Woot's Bag of Carp). It isn't just the price that makes a deal, it is the value for money.


@bippythebeardless: I guess that is why people liked the Deals so much before they added down-voting, right?

Also I can see people down-voting from this thread, is that because The Best of Bob Marley is a Bad Deal for $2, or is that because people don't like my responses? Again, I learned my lesson, instead of talking about issues I should act childish and respond in a different fashion.


Last response, we need to try to be FAIR! That is all I was and am trying to say. I am going to try to forget some of the comments, because it is offensive how people like to pile on!


@dollardealsclub: Yes, I do experience "down vote stalking" and, as I said in my first post, I know it has nothing to do with the price of the deal itself. Everyone on here has said the same thing...downvotes have nothing to do with the price of the deal. Maybe you should take a deep breath, walk away and come back when you're calmer. If you go back over all these comments everyone is saying the same thing:

People do not research each item and determine if it a "good price" or not, they vote for what (or who) they like and downvote the deals (or dealer) they don't like.

I hope that helps.


@ohcheri: Yes and our prisons are Empty, right? I am perfectly calm. To be honest, the way I deal with everything is to talk it out. If I was NOT talking I would be upset.

I feel you are not correct all the time, some do what they should and some don't. I just think more don't than do! Again, if people we fair, and honest all the time we would not have many Poor people or our country wouldn't have the most people in the modern world in Prison (fact).

Ok, that is the last comment for me, I think!


I just up-voted all your deals


Why can't we all just get along? :)


@dollardealsclub: I appreciate the fact that you're representing a company's products, however, those products do not appeal to me. That being said, I use my downvotes with extreme prejudice. Just because I find an item un-appealing doesn't mean I downvote it. However, there are many comments that I do downvote. You downvoting an item because you don't like it is your choice, but probably the same choice being made by other wooters, let alone your competitors.

You may have a bullseye on your back (as I just told someone else). Learn to live with it. It couldn't be bigger than the one on @ocheri's back. I don't like all her stuff, but the stuff I like, I upvote.


@internettraditions: yes! it quickly spiraled and exploded. if this were hollywood, we'd have our next big reality star


trainwrecks are cool. Have you ever seen one as it was happening??? OMG!!!!!


I personally upvote whatever lame deals are on the front page just so I can save up my downvotes for people's comments.


I think the same people that rush to find duplicates also down vote out of spite.....


We posted the following Deal

Gigantour (Live 2 Disc CD Set - PA) Megadeth, Anthrax, Life of Agony, Bobaflex, etc. for $4.95 + free shipping. Which is a Brand New & Sealed Box Set for only $4.95 Delivered and it has more Down Votes than Up Votes.

This is so sad, but who ever is the EVIL people that are willing to Vote Deals down for no reason has won. We give up!

Thanks ALL


Honestly, if you were my employee I would have fired you for the way your have represented yourself here as a spokesperson for Dollar Deals Club. You've been highly unprofessional and argumentative with potential customers. When your username is the name of the company you work for, you need to be aware that people are going to impart your actions to that company. Some people are not going to like everything, that's a part of life. And being immature about it is not going to win you over very many people.


@90mcg112: What are you talking about behavior, I asked a question. That is it, I didn't agree with everyone so I am bad?

Look I am an AMERICAN I have a right to have an opinion just like everyone else. Just because I have a JOB doesn't mean I lose that right. I do Online work for this company, they knew I had opinion before I started, and I am reasonable. What EXACTLY did I do wrong, I was talking to OTHER MERCHANTS not regular people. Again, READ THE ORIGINAL message it is NOT talking about regular customers, they have nothing to do with this.