questionsdid you want to see the postcards you guys sent?


And if you want to send us more, please do! I can get them at this address now:

Kristy Tye
Woot, Inc.
207 Boren Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109

I'm keeping a record of them as they come in at


I LOVE YOUR WHITE BOARD!!!! And is woot's office as purple-themed as it looks from the door, carpet, and room divider/wall-thing?

Also, the postcards are awesome - it's so cool to see them displayed. Thanks for posting the pictures!


@neuropsychosocial: the colors on this floor are ridonk. There's purple in our room and some purple on the floor but then a couple bright orange walls interspersed. Amazon really went big n' bright in this new building.


I found mine! It's like a weird game of where's waldo. Glad you guys like them.


@agingdragqueen: Your door appears to be pink...or perhaps a delicate mauve.

Merry Christmas!



Nice!!! Thanks for sharing! I found mine, but it was easy since it's so bright in colors, practically a match with your decor. Nice Keanu poster too, looks like it might even be personalized :)


Each floor has its own bawdy and cloying color scheme. I do so love that our writers and mods get to view the world outside their confines, er cell... no that's not it... office, through rose-colored windows!


2 questions....

1. I missed out. What's the deal with the postcards? Is there a theme or something?
2. Where are your woot-off lights?!!!



1. People seemed to want to send postcards after I asked if there was any interest. You haven't missed it technically, you're welcome to send one my way!

2. I had tooons of Woot-Off lights over the years, but they all went to BOCs or coworkers. I have enough junk/USB stuff on my desk as it is.


I sent mine to the Texas office because you guys had just moved after I bought my card and I didn't know the new address. I guess the Texas postcards aren't shown. Hope they got it!


@tippypaws: my homeboy collecting those went through a job change (within Woot) and we both got distracted. I think we'll work on getting those up here.


Looks good to me! I still can't believe some knucklehead sent you a TMNT postcard! Some people...

Hey adq glad to see you are settling in to the new place...and don't be a stranger! =)


Found mine! Hooray for beautiful Bora Bora and Woot!


Weeeee! I actually see a few of mine! But, something tells me that between the pictures and the postcards I sent, there is no way that you could put them all up! But, I am happy to see some of my pictures up there! Picture taking is one of my favorite hobbies, and people who love them make my day! Yay! Thanks for posting this, you just literally made my day, week, month! :)

And don't worry, I'll be sending you more pictures soon! Hobbies like this NEVER die, lol!~


Looks like a cheerful collection.