questionshow bad are the "special offers" on kindle…


It ... depends.
Is she a reader? Does she carry a book in her purse- at all times?
Is her idea of a good time curled up with you watching TV- and she's flipping pages?
Would she mind carrying a screen the size of the one on sale?
Then ... maybe. Last xmas:
I have an inlaw who got one. Just frakking loves it. Carries it everywhere.
My neighbor got the same one. Loved it for a month. Probably couldn't even find it, now.
Personally- for the money I'd say get an android thingie, and get a kindle app for it.
I got my HP Tablet- it does epub books when I'm not doing other things. But it's kinda big just to lug it around. And you'll put it down once too often- and then it's someone else's.


The kindle offers aren't annoying or invasive at all. (On the regular kindles, idk about the Fire)
They show up on your screen saver. Most of them are pretty useful - Amazon offers and coupons, etc.

(I've had my kindle for 2 years now - goes in my purse, sits in the door pocket in the truck, etc.)


Agree with @thumperchick on this one. The special offers are on the screen saver and on the menu screen (very small there though). I have not once thought "OMG I wish they would just go away".


I'll echo the "not annoying." I got a Paperwhite for my birthday, and I don't even notice them anymore. I thought they would be irritating, but they're really not intrusive.


One more vote here for NOT ANNOYING. Your reading is NEVER interrupted.


Another "NOT ANNOYING" vote. As stated previously, the offers are displayed in full screen while the Kindle is off and are displayed as a small banner on the bottom as you are browsing through your selections. NO OFFERS are displayed while reading your book. I received a $10 credit due to a Discover offer displayed on my Kindle and several cheap Kindle books. I think I would miss getting the offers if I paid to have them removed from my Kindle.


It's not annoying or intrusive at all. And the deals are good, some from Local and some from itself.

The ads are always beautifully done, too. It's NOT annoying,


I've had my Kindle for a year. Always take it to doctor's offices, anywhere that I'm going to have to wait. Or if I'm eating out by myself. 50/50 between the Kindle and paperbacks at home. The advertising is not annoying at all. In fact, I've ordered a couple things from them.


I was actually a little disappointed when I found out I couldn't add the special offers to my regular kindle because the 2nd generation units didn't support it. Some of the discounts would have been handy.


I forgot to mention that you can choose later to pay a fee ($15?+) to get rid of the ads if they annoy you.


Not a problem at all. And if you get them you don't have to see the same 4 or 5 pictures on the lock screen. They get annoying after a while. And the picture they use of Emily Dickenson is downright creepy.


They don't bother me at all. They are on the screen saver while the Kindle is locked and a small banner ad on the home menu (maybe 10% of the screen space).

Another user mentioned getting an Android tablet and loading the Kindle app. While this would work, and would provide a more multipurpose device, I wouldn't recommend it if the person really likes to read a lot. The regular Kindle screen looks just like a paper book and is way easier on the eyes compared with a backlit screen.


I asked the very same question a while back.

The answers haven't really changed. Having a kindle with advertising, I can say that I pretty much ignore it. It's about as annoying as laying a magazine down open to a full page ad. When you notice it, there's an ad. When you turn it on, ad goes away.

Annoying is the in-game ads in some of the Angry Birds games. Kindle is nothing like that.

Oh, I got two out of four I've purchased from Secondipity, one from CL, and one from Amazon (refurb Fire for the wife).


They're not terrible. They don't pop up when you're reading or anything awful like that. But I'd still suggest against getting that version. The last thing most of us need in our lives is yet more ads.


@thumperchick: and @theoneill555: Funny, I read a reviewer call the ads good or useful (something like that). I of course filed the information away as impossible, more likely a reviewer getting a kick back or free kindle. I have now moved that tidbit up fact.



@nws2002: I use my android to read, I picked a bunch of free books from Amazon, but I do not use the kindle app.
I have an app called Cool Reader I use as my primary. It does not see my Kindle Books. The settings I use at night allow me to read without disturbing my wife. It also has a daylight mode, and is insanely customizable I could take 10 minutes explaining how I made it perfect for me.

It seems some had some luck in moving kindle books to cool reader, I checked and it was not as simple as pointing cool reader to the kindle prc book file, perhaps more later.


@caffeine_dude: The offers vary. I received a $10 Amazon credit for attaching my Discover card to my 1-click Kindle purchase and several $8+ books for 99¢. Currently I have ads for an AT&T sweepstakes, NIKE, and more discounted books. I always keep in mind that what is a deal to one person may not be a deal for another. The deal finder in me usually waits anxiously for the next offer to appear.