questionswhat is the best non-apple, wireless keyboard…


I'm not sure what you mean by "with a mouse": do you want an integrated trackpad? I use a Logitech K750; it has an integrated number pad and works perfectly with a MacBook Air mid-2011. (I had to manually map the "Window" key to have the same function as the "Command" key on the Mac. It took about two minutes of googling and 30 seconds of doing.) I also use a Logitech mouse that has a "Unifying Receiver." That allowed me to map both the mouse and the keyboard to the same USB micro receiver which is really nice since the MacBook Air only has two USB ports. There's a version of the K750 that's specifically for Macs, but at the time that I bought mine, it was $30 more expensive (plus the non-Mac version was on sale, so it was a $40 difference!).


@neuropsychosocial: That's interesting. In all the years of using Windows Keyboards on my mac, I have never had to manually map the Command key. Never had a K750, though. I just thought they were equivalent.


@omnichad: Oh! You remind me! On the K750, the "Alt" key is to the immediate left of the space bar and the "Windows" key is to the left of the "Alt" key; I think this is true of many (all?) PC-based keyboards. On a Mac, the "Command" key is to the immediate left of the space bar, with "Alt" to the left of that. The problem is that the muscle memory from the Mac keyboard causes one to hit "Alt+B" when one wants to hit "Command+B." So I remapped the "Alt" key on the K750 to have the functions of the "Command" key (and vice versa), allowing the muscle memory to stay the same.

Sorry for misspeaking in my first post! It's been months and all I remembered was googling for "remap command key function"!