questionschallenge! this is your wake up call!


I have this guy by JVC, and I quite like it.

My biggest complaint with it is that it's not very intuitive to set the time or alarm time, but since I don't actually have to do that very often, it's not a big deal.

You can turn the number display light completely off, which I usually do. Perfectly visible during the day, and not all shinypants at night. Light comes on when alarm goes off.

Alarm can be set to ipod music, radio, or super-obnoxious beep. AND, it only lets you snooze a couple of times before it refuses to let you be a giant lazyass anymore and forces you to turn it completely off.

Also, I know it was a lot cheaper when I bought it, so perhaps you can find a better price elsewhere.


I like Alarm Clock Xtreme on my android devices. Very versatile and I believe will do what you want including custom music files and even services. Don't know if they make it for iCrap or not.


That reminds me of this old derby entry:

As to your clock issue, an app would probably fit the bill best, and it probably comes with reviews.
Here's one

edit: here's another Nightstand Central

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This sometimes makes iphone charger stuff hard to find, but if bright LEDs or clock numbers will bother you avoid any colour lights except red. Blue or white or grey lights will bother you if you're sensitive to light when you sleep. Personally, I can see them through my eyelids and it drives me nuts. Must have red liiiiight.


My phone actually makes a fantastic alarm. I keep it next to my bed and I have the ringer at one or two ticks past the midpoint. You can set it to any tone, I think you can set it to a song. If not you can always make a tone (plenty of free ways, or you can buy one) and set that to your alarm.

There are a few decent clock/ alarm apps, but honestly the one that comes with iOS has been my favorite.


I like Alarm Clock + on Android. I don't know if they have it for iOS devices.

I have multiple alarms setup with different songs (Plain White Tees - Rhythm of Love at 5:30 for working out, Toto - Africa at 6:30 if I decide against working out, Crossfire - Hydra at 7:00 if I am getting snooze happy). It also has the nice feature of being forced to do math questions to dismiss the alarm (I don't have this feature set personally).

The Snooze button is huge and the dismiss is smaller. Its a great app!


This has been sitting in my attic for about a year (since I sold my ipod)... I think it's only works with the iphone 3g though. But I'd send it to you for free lol


I love this alarm clock.

It's cheap
It will charge your phone

The one thing I really like that others might not that it has a bed shaker that you put under your pillow. When the alarm goes off, it shakes till you wake up. If you do not like it, you can not turn the part on.

The clock comes in black, white, blue and pink. Sorry, no purple :(

Also, the speakers work very well. I have played my music through this many times.


If you have an iPhone, the bundled "Clock" software is actually pretty great. Here's why:
-It's free and, even among the paid apps, the best (paid apps are often unreliable and fail to sound, particularly if you are not diligent about having it running when you go to bed).
-As of ios 6, it allows you to use music from your iTunes library.
-Super-simple user interface.
-Innumerable alarm options.
-Internal speakers are plenty loud.

Sure, you could cough up $50 for an alarm clock speaker dock, but the iPhone is perfectly adequate by itself. Plug it into a wall charger and toss it under the bed -- not only will the loud, reliable alarm program wake you up, but you'll have to dig around under your bed to find it.

That said, if you want a fun paid app, use Nightstand. It is pretty, functional and has great features: slide for brightness and (my favorite) place it screen-down and the screen shuts off (turns back on when you turn the phone over).


@thepenrod: Agreed. I use Alarm Clock Xtreme for Android as well -- super versatile.
I imagine that they have something similar for iDevices...
That would be the route I would go rather than buying another/separate standalone alarm clock...


Another vote here for Nightstand.