questionswhere can i get some decent mens waterproof…


Don't know where you might find decent boots. Do have secret places to find indecent ones; but they are really, really expensive. ...And look better on more petite feet. Sorry. ;-)


If you have an REI around you, I'd recommend checking there. They have a "garage sale" shelf - about two weeks ago I scored a pair of size 12 boots for $12 - They had been returned to the store because "they hurt." - weren't a problem for me.
The problem is that you can't really depend on their garage sale table unless you have time to visit their store, and a reasonable warning for when you will need the equipment.

On another note, I might be spoiled but I wouldn't really trust boots whose original price us under say $60. I've found that the difference between a $30 shoe and a $40 shoe tends to be about a year of use.