questionsdo you like the new battlefield 3 updates/back to…


I hate the update with a passion. Now that the AT mines appear on your minimap and disappear after you die, vehicles are completely uninhibited and seem to overrun the map.. I've found I pretty much have to play as an engineer if I don't wanna be murdered by a tank every 4 seconds.

For what seems like a pretty insignificant change, it's altered the dynamic of the game completely.


I like some of the fixes, tach light nerf is #1. I haven't played much of it as I can't seem to get in a server with Karkand maps I gave up after a few games.

@drchops: I hate that about this game. I used Engineer first because I like the class, now I feel as if I don't run it I will get destroyed my vehicles. I can't use any other class.

Think it might be time to hit that infantry only button for me.


@wickedd365: Haha, yeah...that f*cking tac light...something else I hate with a passion. The funny thing about it is 99% of the time it's used against me it's by somebody on my own team lol

Infantry only? Is that a PC option? That'd be a damn shame though, the vehicles are pretty fun (although I'm still pissed about some of the air vehicle stuff)

Oh! And lately, people have found out you can steal enemy helicopters AND repair while flying, so now they basically are indestructible


@drchops: My friend wade uses tach light alot and was always blinding me too. He would do it on purpose alot.

Infantry mode can be selected in server browser on all platforms. I'll prob switch to that after I finish the engineer class.