questionsdid you see they changed the shirt derby rules?


Who picks the guest editor? And do they accept bribes?


That sucks, but it does solve the problem that new shirts face, since they may not see as many votes, even though they're good. It gives them a fair chance to be printed.


@okham: Um lets say I do. And yes I do.


@axphw1: i would say you're going to be rich. Rich, I say!


Sounds like American Idol to me. Not a fan of this move.


I'm pretty sure this is @llandar's idea. Woot Writers probably got tired of writing writeups for Mario Bros, Cats ,Star wars, Dr.Who, shirts every week and we wouldn't stop picking those We really brought it on ourselves, and should have allowed more variety to pass. It truly was just a matter of time before this would happen.

It's been 3 hours and no 3 part posts from anyone yet on how woot is getting worse, i'm never coming back, etc etc etc. I'm actually interested in seeing how this goes, and will save my comments until I actually start to see how the process works.


With these new rules, The Derby not so much of a "Derby" as it is a "BCS." (A "Bowl Championship Series" for you non-sporty types.)

I am actually interested to see if this will allow more newer artists into the fold. On the other hand, 2/3 of the "Derby" will now be chosen by an oligarchy instead of the masses. My questions are, how are Saturday and Sunday any different than Monday through Thursday? And, will the voting/community suffer from the perception that votes count for much less now?


I like this far better.

I think this change was due to a large outcry from the community that the site had become too cliquish, with the votes merely following popular users, many times without any intention of actually purchasing the shirt they are voting for.

I'm looking forward to seeing a little variety, and not just having the shirt be the top three in the fog.

Bravo, woot!


Is this Tuesday, and why care you calling me?


This is a much better idea. Maybe they'll start picking some shirts that are good again instead of cute fluffy animals all the time. There seems to be tons of politicking in the shirt.woot voting and loads of excellent designs that never see the light of day.


I think that I would have rather seen a limit to the number of submissions per week. There are some artists who, while good, tend to dominate the fog with 2-3 submissions.

It would also help if moderators would actually enforce the rules already in place. I've seen tons of submissions that were only on topic if you stretched your imagination to its limits. I've seen some where the artwork really was a bit too similar to previous designs but (this is pure speculation) because the artist was "popular" they were able to give a half-baked explanation about how their shirt design was completely unique because "look, if you squint you'll see a tiny difference."

Stop bending the rules for popular shirt designers, and cut down on the submissions allowed. This should do wonders for giving some of the lesser known artists a chance at winning.


@cowboydann: I appreciate you crediting me with such power, but this came from higher than my pay grade. Sometimes it is lame for us to have to write three variations of "KITTEH!" shirts in a row, but a lot of us have accepted that Shirt.Woot caters to a particular audience and we just happen to not be it.

That said, I think the changes are neat and I too was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response.


i could never be a guest editor. rotating makes me dizzy!

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