questionsdid daily steals really do this?


I'm inclined to think they have a relatively random selection and this is just the stuff that surfaced for today, but I'm surprised no one reviews their listings. Or perhaps someone did review their listings and thought [retch] this would be funny.

I dropped them an unhappy note via their "contact us" web form. Others might wish to do the same.


Wow is all I can say right now. Do you give the benefit of doubt or a what the hell were you thinking?


Maybe the deal was already lined up before the bombings.
It is a different kind of pressure cooker. Not like the ones that where used.


Now if the write-up for the pressure cooker was titled, "This product will blow you away!" or the backpack write-up referenced being able to conceal homemade IED devices, then I would worry.


You're kidding right? I can go to any local or online store right now and buy a pressure cooker and a backpack.

Or are you suggesting that we should ban the sales of pressure cookers & backpacks?

Keep Calm and Carry On.


@machgogogo: YOU'RE kidding, right? I didn't suggest banning anything. I merely pointed out the insensitivity of offering both for sale on the same deal-of-the-day sit at the same time. I'd buy either one or both if I wanted them, it just points out what some would consider obvious.


I see what you are getting at, but I'll be honest. I never even would have noticed had it not been pointed out. I just don't think it's that big a deal. Maybe I'm less observant than most, maybe I'm just too laid back - I don't know. However, things like this neither jump out at me or bug me.

If it was a big front page that said something like 'Today's Deals - Pressure Cookers And Backpacks!' that would be one thing, but having it so happen that the thumbnails for the various deal sites they have happen to show one with a pressure cooker and one with a backpack - meh. Doesn't even get noticed by me.

Just my 2c


Probably not intentional, definitely not smart.

Common sense seems to be a thing of the past.


Really? You are essentially accusing DS of purposefully selling items used in the Boston Bombings, with the intent of being mean/hurtful?

Stop it.

They line up their sales far in advance - like most deals sites. Do not go looking for things to be offended at, or you will take offense at everything, every day.


@thumperchick: And no one proof reads the stuff before it's posted? I never accused them of anything. I merely pointed it out. I never even said I was offended. It's merely ironic that right after a terror attack involving those two items, this site lists them both for sale on the same day. If in fact they were lined up way in advance, that's an even bigger coincidence!


@tcayer: "Do you think they did that on purpose?"

That's an accusation. I could phrase an attack on you in a question and say, "but I was just asking!" It would still be an accusation.


It's starting to be canning season (asparagus is just around the corner), and pressure cookers are a hot item this time of year.

Can we all just agree that we don't want to live in a world surrounded by cotton batting, and move on?


If you click on @tcayer's name, you'll see that his last 5 "questions" have all been attacks aimed at

This a*hole is using the victims of a horrible terrorist attack in order to get revenge on a company that he feels ripped him off.


@shrdlu: it would certainly make falling down the stairs more fun :) But no.


No, of course I don't think they did that on purpose. I also don't think that woot sold Batman items with a don't-attack-people-in-the-theater writeup just after Aurora on purpose. woot changed the writeup, naturally, but I don't expect DS to change their sales nor would I want them to.

I also think it's a bit absurd that Williams Sonoma removed pressure cookers "out of respect" in various MA stores, since the sudden removal of specific items seems far more insensitive than anything else.



If you go LOOKING for a conspiracy, you will find hidden agendas behind every door. Just because you are paranoid, does mean that someone is not out to get you...


@morriea: You're part of it, aren't you? AHHHHHH


@thumperchick: How do you think I got to the top of the leaderboard? Deals? HARDLY?!

(actually, i do not know myself...oops)


They also have a tactical scope "heist" going on.


@machgogogo: Thank you for the posting history. Sort of puts things into a different perspective.


@machgogogo: Actually, if you bothered to read my las few posts, you'd see I had an ongoing dispute with Dailysteals. They resolved it, and I printed retraction and a mea culpa.
So sprinkle some sparkles on meee!


Of course just the words "pressure cooker" would bring to mind the horror in Boston, if for no other reason than because most of us never would have imagined one could be used in such a way.

However, as was previously mentioned, lots of people will be looking for a good price on a pressure cooker soon due to canning season coming up.
And, as was also previously mentioned, I'm sure that item was in the lineup of offerings weeks ago. None of you actually think all these products and all the photos, information, statistics, etc for so many products is done in just a few days do you? Certainly it's done well in advance.

As for backpacks--that is an item that is so common it is sold all over on a daily basis.

Would all you who are condemning the sale of either also think it was inappropriate to sell a ball cap if it comes in black or white?


@donslin: So they couldn't spread them out a day apart? That's all I was saying.


Lots of stores are very sensitive and since they probably stopped selling certain items because of extreme sensitivity I am not surprised that some of these items would get discounted on the same sale. It is in bad taste but when have discount sites ever been accused of being in good taste.


I HATE politically correct, "everything offends me" BS. This is even beyond that. Grow up, get a life, or go away.


Wow....a "popular" question that has a negative vote count....I bet @snapster is laughing his a$$ off right now.


maybe @dailysteals would care to comment on this?


And with this, the terrorists have won. :-/

Honestly, doesn't bother me even if they DID intentionally put up the ads for them and make references to the bombings. It was a very sad and tragic incident that is going to be playing out in the news and social media for months, if not years.

How long do you wait until it's time to move on with life?


@drsilentg: Their customer service isn't open on weekends.


I do not think @dailysteals ought to comment. It just gives the silliness a platform. I cannot imagine any intent. In fact there never should have been any consideration in this instance. These are just two normal items for sale. Nothing more, nothing less.


BLAH BLAH BLAH. I actually got a smile out of it. now get yourself a life or get your a$$ off the internet.

My wife is ready to start canning in about a month, and needs a new pressure cooker. I bought my last backpack about a year ago, probably in April. I swear, some people really should be banned from the internet.

You know what I find offensive? people that find offense everywhere.

@tcayer: "that's an even BIGGER coincidence" ? wtf, so no store should sell backpacks or pressure cookers 2 weeks after that bombing?

You're just another internet troll with a grudge. I wish I could reach through the internet and smack you in the face....


@kamikazeken: I really recommend the Presto (which I have), but be sure and order the canning rack at the same time.

As the review for it says "Just go ahead and buy this if you are getting the 23 qt pressure canner from Presto. It makes processing two layers of pint jars much easier and more stable. No more worrying if the jars will shift and the second layer will fall."

It's very inexpensive right now ($64.49), and if you have Prime, it'll be there before the weekend. I replace my older one with this one, last year, and it's been great.

(and I also wish you could smack in the face, and do it again for me)


@kamikazeken: Caught by the five minute time limit. I wish you could smack him in the face, and do it a second time for me.


This sale isn't in bad taste. It's not a sad coincidence. It's not remotely offensive to anyone.

This question is in bad taste. All you are doing is opening up wounds that haven't even had time to heal. So you got screwed by DS, it's over, stop the crusade.