questionsdo you know where i can buy a decommissioned…


Are You sure that You are not Superman desperate for a Phone booth to change in?


Holy crap, two grand for the cheapest phone booth?

Even with my crappy carpentry skills I'd look into just building it myself.


@stile99: They're collector's items. No new ones are being made. Expect those prices to only go up. Phone booths are not just a wood box; they're pretty complex. I think I was still buying 2600 for a year or two after it quit being interesting just for the pix on the back cover.

Wonder if anyone is still taking pictures of phone booths/pay phones now?

I donated the collection to Jason of (I had originals of all but the first two or three, and copies of those). Wonder how Captain Crunch is doing these days?

That was all so long ago, and yet it seems a brief moment...


Pickers, Mike and Frank, from Iowa have one in their shop. Check the History Channel.

Aside from them, try salvage companies in your area. Their shops are like a school field trip back in time.


There's one within 10 miles of me in a large over-stuffed thrift store. She wants something like $900 for it. BTW - It's a wooden booth, has most of the glass, and it's actually in pretty good shape, but does need some work. I thought about buying it, restoring it, and reselling it, but my finances aren't in the best shape right now.


A TARDIS for you living room, perhaps?


@4khaos: Almost. TARDIS for the new office. :)


@lll0228: If that's why you want it, just make your own. It'll be cheaper. You don't need all the original wiring, and lighting, in a phone booth. In addition, the Tardis (ISTR) is a British phone booth, not US. I'll bet you cold build one for under $500 that looked legit.


@shrdlu: I understand they are collector's items, I quite appreciate them myself and have always wanted one. However, OP did not indicate a desire for a museum piece, just a decoration. A decoration by no means needs to be fully functional, or for that matter 100% spot-on accurate.


@lll0228: I think a TARDIS is a little fatter than a normal phone booth. Maybe you should just price lumber and paint? Unless you're building a load-bearing TARDIS, some cheap plywood might do the job.

But I've seen two phone booths in Seattle antique stores since I've arrived here. One was two grand, from the 1950s and perfect, the other was about $800, from the 1970s, and needed some paint. I considered buying one just for the novelty but I had no way to carry it home and no real place to put it.