questionswill this tv stand work for a 47 inch led tv?


Well, a 47" TV is around 43-44" wide. This stand is only 36.5" wide, so you're hanging off the side about 4" on either side. IMO, it would look too disproportionate and top heavy.


It says in the dimensions that it's only 36.5'' long, which would mean your tv would hang over the edges, so if you are willing to have that, then go for it. I don't think the weight is as big of an issue; these products tend to have a mechanism to also add support by securing it to the wall.

I've actually gotten my best "tv stands" out of products that weren't marketed to be tv stands at all- mainly book shelves. They're usually a little cheaper than the tv stands too, so if it's not necessary for there to be glass doors on the front (which tv stands tend to have, and I just find annoying) or an actual tv mount, then you could look into that. For instance- I'm actually using this one - right now. It also takes about 5 more minutes setting it up, to cut out holes in the back for the cables to go through.


Also from the Q&A section: "The total weight for the top of the unit is 65lbs." ...might want to double check the weight of your TV.


The weights a really important factor.

However, LEDs are a lot lighter than LCDs, so it could work. I'd see what the dimensions of the base of the TV are and see if that will fit without risk of falling.

Based on what others have said, I probably wouldn't risk it, but if it's light enough and it will be able to stand, you might consider giving it a try.

I'm just hesitant because if the LED tv falls, that would be a sucky thing to have to replace.


I would think that this one would be a better fit with what you want, with no chance of accidentally bumping the TV from the side where it hangs over.


Yeah tv is 42 inchs wide so would be 5.5 inchs off roughly. So maybe 2.2ish each side probably not to much. According to amazon the shipping weight was 49 pounds so the tv alone is definitely under weight.

I'll look around some more the bookshelf idea is nice but I fear it will be to high. As for the Saunder one I dunno it looks long. But might be the thing to do. I'll debate on it some more I suppose.Thanks!


As mentioned previously, always factor in the weight of the TV. It sounds like you are on the right track. :)