questionscan you see my deal from earlier this morning?


@jumbowoot: I never change the sub-tabs in the top deals, I learned something new - thanks!


@lmensor: The reason it went invisible is because it was slapped with the dreaded "free" tag, which is filtered out of the top tab.


@lichme: has there been a reason given for this filtering?


@lichme: Thanks for the head's up. I've seen conversations about the free issue and didn't know if it would get hit for that or not. I tried to only put free in the body and not anywhere else.

I actually thought it was cut because the comments started to get ugly, someone made a rude comment about the food giving people upset stomachs and the comments were deleted, then my deal disappeared from the front page. There were 5 comments at one point and I believe there are only 2 now.


@thedogma: Yeah, official post is towards the bottom of the first page of this question


@lichme: Ah. So anything tagged free is ineligible for the formula.

Man, I missed that entire thread haha. Thanks for the info!


I still don't understand why "free" is such a reviled tag. :>/


@jsimsace: Perhaps "Free" is one of those things that tips the scale & gives a deal almost a guaranteed chance of front page popularity. This edges out other deals that might be pretty darn good, but not free. (All deals are equal, but deals tagged "free," among other things, seem to be less equal than others.)


@lavikinga and @jsimsace: I had not read the thread about the "free deals" though I remember some talk about it on the board, I guess I might have read the beginning but did not follow it to see @jumbowoot's final explaination regarding "free" items. I tagged the deal "restaurant, food" and a mod must have added "free", and apparently I was wrong for not doing so myself (which I will do if in the future if I post another). I like free things as others do too, so what I learned today is to go to that other tab "popular flow" and there's probably a ton of deals I didn't even know existed!