questionswhat is the most reliable microwave (1000…


Sharp has been the best microwave I've ever owned and Magic Chef is the worst.


I'm interested in this as well.

I just recently purchased a Panasonic NN-H765BF and it's terrible. The door doesn't work very well at all. You have to push the button in and then pull the door open at the bottom right. And shutting it can be difficult with one hand as well.

Good luck finding a microwave.


I have had a Sharp microwave for so long now I can't remember how old it is. Dang thing won't die. It may be 10 years old or 15...


The only microwaves our family has owned are Amana branded. My parents bought the original Radarange, and it lasted them a good 20-25+ years. Probably 5 years or so ago, my dad bought Mom a new Radarange for Christmas. This one is a microwave/convection oven.

The last I knew, Amana was still being manufactured in the US, but it was purchased by Maytag which was then purchased by Whirlpool a few years back. I believe Whirlpool moved some of its manufacturing to China, but I don't remember if the Amana brand was part of what got moved.


@msklzannie: I, too, had the original radar range and it did last 20 years with me, and I donated it to the salvation army when I moved. Since then, I have had GE. I am on my 3rd in 15 years and this one I have now is not nearly as good as was #2 which was not nearly as good as #1 which could not compete with Amana. Now that it does not (the company), exist as the manufacturer it once was, I just don't know. My latest GE is only 3 months old - we'll see. Want my Radar Range back. I am willing to bet it is still running.


I agree with the Amana Microwave. We had one, and it lasted 18 years and was still working when we moved to our new home 16 years ago. The new home has a GE built-in, which we just replaced last year, with another GE. We have been lucky as our appliances seem to last more than the 12-15 year expected lifetime. (Except for washer and dryer and dishwasher, which GE appliances didn't last 5 years and were replaced with Maytags, which have lasted 10-11 so far. (Maytag washer, dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator we bought were all made in US)


Had an old Sharp that was great though only 600W. I gave it to my old landlord when I moved out of that place.

Then got a Panasonic (don't know the model... 1100W, now about 8-10 years old). It worked very well and I only stopped using it because I bought a condo with a built-in one. My daughter took the Panasonic to college last week.

The condo came with a built-in Frigidaire "Professional Series" (model PLMV169DCD, Stainless Steel front). It was manufactured in March 2006, though I didn't start using it until June 2008; it has worked perfectly well since then.

On another note, I always thought the Frigidaire was a 1600W model, but just noticed that it is 1.6KW INPUT and 1000W OUTPUT. Now I'm wondering if the Panasonic's 1100W is its input or output rating. Probably input.


At work, we had a Sharp which is still around and (I believe) works fine; but it is only 600W and the lunch line in our department backed up too much waiting for it. We replaced it with the same 1100W Panasonic that I got for home and it has also worked well. (Which actually is a good reccomendation, as it is used almost continuously for at least 90 minutes each weekday, and by people who generally don't give a crap about it. (One guy has been banned from using it to make popcorn, after the third fire.)


another vote for sharp. 15 years and still going strong