questionsanyone have any experience with the samsung…


$40k for a TV? Are you freaking serious?


Scratches head. Looks at calendar. Nope, it's not April 1st. Hmmmmmm...Oh, well - to each their own.

Have I mentioned that I have some lovely property in the Everglades? You might consider purchasing a few dozen lots to build a house on stilts there. The TV would be perfect in the (armored) screened in porch. I'm pretty sure your neighbors won't complain about the glare reflecting on the water. In fact, it might be beneficial to you; the light from the large screen will make the eyes of the gators glow. It's always best to know where they are. Safer when you get in your boat to go to the grocery store. Sadly, no delivery there. Not even Dominos.



The reviews are worth reading. A few are lame, some just so-so, but most are well done and funny.


@magic cave: Many of those reviews are indeed, quite awesome.


the Q& A's are a hoot too.
Reviews entertaining. Thanks. !
You worried me for half a second :D


@magic cave: remotely...........I see what you did there........... I have read the reviews............I feel so cheap and used now.........sniff sniff............


@zippy the pinhead: Not to worry, Mr. Zip. We all feel used at one time or another, and like this instance, we're usually wrong.

I live in a really, really tiny (784 sq. ft.) house, this TV would take up most of one wall in the living room, and it would feel much like sitting in the front row of an iMax theater, but I'd still like to see the thing in action....


@magic cave: I switched over to one of your threads so I wouldn't be off topic. :) "I guess we could always go make some toast" is not a lame story...I have a similar one. My mom turned 80 this year and is still mobile, coming to work daily. She occasionally has a senior moment though....a few years ago, at a family gathering, she mentioned that "There are baked potatoes in the oven."....more than once. It's an inside joke now among us kids and grandkids to mention baked potatoes in the oven, especially when there aren't any. Mom seems not to notice.


@jsimsace: What a sweet story! Thank you for telling me; I love hearing the family stories that have generated phrases that remind younger family members of older times.