questionsis there a way to transfer ipod pictures to a pc?


Dropbox should be able to do this I think.


I'm fairly certain that Dropbox would work, as @nickdiesel suggested. I think there's also a way to copy from iTunes when the device is connected.

Another thing you can do is e-mail the pictures to yourself, or just save them as a draft and access the draft from your PC and the picture will be there.


@thedogma: I have accumulated about 650 pictures on this iPod. So emailing is not very practical. I tried my iTunes, it backs them up but I can't view them on the PC. I'll read up on Dropbox. That didn't come up on my searches -- curious.


When connected, your Ipod shows up in Computer as a device. You just open it, then open the DCIM folder, and pull your photos and videos out.

The rest of your media will have to go through iTunes though.


As @capguncowboy suggested, open up your iPod as a device through the "my computer" window. This has almost always worked for me - except when I didn't have a good USB connection (I was still charging and able to sync through iTunes, but not accomplish this task. I believe this was related to my port since it worked when I switched USB ports). Also, if you can use the iCloud for backup and turn on Photostream you will be able to access your pics on your desktop that way.


@carl669: unfortunately that is with the older version of iTunes. It is no longer an option. It was replaced with "backup to iCloud"


@capguncowboy: Yea!! That worked!! Plus it dates the pics of when they were taken. Thanks!!!


@capguncowboy saves the day and rides off into the sunset....


@mkdr: Just make sure your iPod is not 'locked'. The first time I did this, the screen was locked and the iPod did not show up as a drive. Unlocked the screen and it appeared right away. Had me stumped for about 10 minutes, though.


@mlsapack: hm, that might have been the issue...but that USB port is also a bit wonky. I often have issues syncing with that one, thankfully I have 2 other ones on this computer. I will definitely keep that in mind if I have that problem again - thanks for the tip!