questionswhat's a good deal on a hammer?


It's the best I can do on such short notice.

Please note that I have the Framing Hammer; best hammer I've ever owned. It was a gift from DD, and is weighted perfectly. In addition, it is beautiful.


@shrdlu: quick hide that link, if my son sees it he will want to add the Annihilator to his collection of Zombie hunting tools


@theoneill555: You should get him this hammer. I think that Home Despot carries them. I am quite serious about the quality. It's one of my favorite tools. I've had at least two guys who were working for me (I love to remodel, it's one of my favorites) write down the name and information after handling it.

I appreciate quality. Buy two, and give them as gifts to your boys. Buy four, and everyone in the house can have their own.


You know, I've been called a "hammer" before but I never was sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.
@dosquatch: you're not taking about a bullet-pulling hammer are you? It sort of works on the same principle. You whack one side and the energy wangs out the other.


@shrdlu: I'll have to get one but then hide it from the boys until they mature a little more. Maybe it will keep the significant other from stealing my Snap On.


@legendofsalecat: I hadn't even thought of MCHammer... good call!


Save your arm, your thumb, and your pride as well as some money.

If you don't already have an air compressor, you'll need one. Use it to inflate bicycle tires and footballs to help spread out the expense. Tell the spouse you need it to blow the back porch off without starting up the blower.

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Maybe it's time to get hammered.



If you are more the "Tim the toolman" type, go for this one:

Guaranteed to wake the neighbors, clear out the stray cats, and punch a metal pin into anything short of a .5" steel plate. Wear hearing protection and don't leave it in your carry-on when you fly.

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@lavikinga: "You know, I've been called a "hammer" before but I never was sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing." - Are you sure they said "hammer" and not "tool"?

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@hlx: "Tool" always makes me laugh. It's such a good natured slam, Nah, never a tool, but has some one on Deals been calling you a tool? Folks have been getting a bit testy lately, haven't they?


I'm wondering if this might be useful? Down here in the Sunshine State we're particularly attuned to things that involve sea and surf.


You need to pick the correct tool for the job...
So first decide what the job is and then look for the correct hammer...
BFH trumps all...


Normally I would write up a snarky comment about Hammering things, but I've decided to lay down the law.

I've worked residential construction for 10 years now and have used one brand of hammer throughout. This is the first and last hammer you will ever need:

Do not buy a wooden handled hammer. Ever. Do not go for cheap when concerning hammers. They are serious business. There is nothing like an Estwing. I am so OCD about my equipment and this brand has never been anything less than awesome.


@shrdlu: I like those but have difficulty parting with the $50.00...

Yes, they are in Home Depot, I was looking at them again yesterday...