questionsis the purchase history page broken?


Yep. Having that problem right now.

However, logging into my account, then hitting the stuff you bought link worked. Seems to just be the link at the top of the page that is failing.


The only problem I'm seeing is that an old purchase from shirt.woot is showing up as a regular purchase. I suppose I might have bought it from the main woot page, but I can't recall any t-shirts being offered there since I started wooting.


@belyndag: Oh, dear. Did you not know that all the purchases have been combined? Personally, I hate it, but there were those clamoring for it.

I'd say more (about the changes on that page, none of which I like very much), but it's been a nice day, and I don't feel like being crabby. Just this once.

@ruger9mm: Either it's fixed, or I'm not having the problem. I just clicked on the link, it prompted me to log in again (can you say security theater?), and then there was all the stuff I've purchased, Except that I have to look at about a zillion pages worth, instead of having it all on the same page.

Interesting. I went through all the motions, and now, when I click on the link, I get the error. @shawnmiller, the bug appears to be something to do with negotiations with account.woot; in addition, if I refresh the page a time or two, then it works. The error is a "time out" sort of error. No tcpdump going, so I can't tell you much more than that.


Mine is working fine with IE9(I should rap with that line).


@shrdlu: Yup, I knew they were combined, but the list includes a column that tells on which site the item was purchased. Most of that looks ok but I spotted one t-shirt on my list that read "Woot" rather than "T-shirt.woot."

Drat! Just tried to look at the list again to confirm that but it loaded and loaded and loaded and finally gave me the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message. Guess I'll try another browser.

EDIT: Works ok in FireFox, and I was correct about the third column listing the purchase site.


Are you still having problems? I just click on "Stuff You Bought" on Chrome and got to my purchase history from there (once I logged in).

If it's still not working, please describe the steps you're following and browser you're using.



@thunderthighs: I think it's working fine, now. It may have been a problem with caching, more than anything serious.