questionswhy was my deal deleted without any explanation?


Did see your deal - not sure why it was deleted. Could the link have been a referral of any sort? If so, those are not allowed.

Paging @jumbowoot for an explanation. (Not sure he's here on the week-ends, so you may not get a response until Monday.)

Added note: You never get an explanation when your deal is just is. :-/


@gmwhit: The deal was up for at least 20 minutes. It was a link to a company called Vibrant Health. They are giving out free shaker bottles if you watch the video on their site. A referral isn't necessary to receive the bottle.

Thanks for the help!


It could have been an error...check the Unofficial Official FAQ page then try it again. If it gets the bum's rush again then something is probably wrong.


@rmillerbass: I know. I did see it. What I was trying to say is...if your link to the deal had an embedded referral of any sort, it is not an allowable deal. OTOH, deals are deleted here by accident/human error. More than once for the same deal, too. happens.


@gmwhit: I see what you mean. I guess that could have been it. Thanks for the help!


Free deals do not do well here at deals.woot! they get deleted all the time


"Why Did My Benign Comment Get Deleted Without Any Explanation?"
Haha, they deleted my question asking for @rmillerbass to post the link to the shaker bottle (also deleted his response w/ link), so they've definitely seen (and are monitoring) this thread.. the long and the short of it is: You're not getting an answer. Bam.

And for a little clarification (or anyone wondering) here are the requirements for the freebie:

For anyone
1. Step 1 Completed!
2. Click Play to watch our educational product video.
3. After watching the video click the link below to answer a few questions and submit your info to receive your FREE shaker bottle and product samples!


@eeekdageek: which is why i increasingly turn to other forums for quality deals.


@drchops: Your comment was most likely deleted because you requested a link to a deal that had been deleted. Seldom, if ever, do you receive an explanation of why a comment was deleted. And, of course, the answer had to be deleted, too.

Am hoping that we find out what happened to the deal. Still think it may have had an embedded referral.


I understand the need for deleting some deals. I understand that this is Woot's site and they can do whatever they want with it. I find it a little ridiculous that there are no official rules for the site and I find it even more ridiculous that they would simply delete a comment because it asked a question you didn't like. I have found this entire situation frustrating as all I wanted to do was give people free stuff that THEY WANTED!

I'm seriously reconsidering ever buying anything from Woot again. I have bought T-shirts and I've seen a few things on Deals.Woot I was considering, but if this is the way they treat people who try to post deals then I'll save myself the aggravation and just post it on another site.

To the people I've been chatting with here, thanks for the help. I hope you were able to get the free bottle while you could!


A quick Google search found:

My fiance and I both do product demonstrations for the company.

You don't have to do this, but it does ask where you found out about the promotion. Please enter "Robert Miller"

You aren't going to get an official answer, but one can surmise that is what it would be.

Also...worst flounce ever. "Considering" buying deals listed on deals.woot means bugger-all to Woot. Even actually taking the next step and buying said deals means bugger-all to Woot, deals.woot != Woot.


@stile99: Yeah, I posted it to Reddit after my deal was deleted from here. Who cares? It still doesn't mean I don't have a right to be angry about it. Also, I don't particularly care if not buying things from deals.woot means "bugger-all" to woot. It's symbolic. The system for posting deals on this site is flawed. Your last sentence makes no sense, by the way. deals.woot !=Woot. I have no idea what that means

And yes, I am Robert Miller. Hence the rmiller in my name. Nice to meet you.


@stile99: I'm sorry. I've had a chance to cool down a bit and re-think what I've written. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I was just really frustrated with the general response from Woot. I honestly don't care about it anymore. It's over and done with, so I'm not going to waste any more energy on it.

Also, my fiance (who is a math nerd) just explained to me your deals.woot != Woot equation. I was always more of a Literature and History nerd : P


Reddit, yes. But Google also cached your post here, where you posted the same thing, word for word.

I'm not attempting to push your buttons, I am attempting to answer your question. Your post came off a lot more self-serving than you are letting on. You even admit in it that you are trying to win a contest. So stop and ask yourself the following question. Did you come here with a valuable deal, or did you come here looking for 'points'? Now answer that question, but from someone else's point of view, not your own. Was there anything you could have done differently that would have made it seem a little more like a deal and not a personal plea? Again, answer from the perspective of a third party. In fact, close the reply window you have open and walk away for an hour. THEN come back and answer.


@stile99: In my deals post on woot, I didn't include the contest or my name. I wasn't posting it here to win the contest (and it's a contest between my fiance and I as to who chooses date night), I was posting it here to give people free shaker bottles. I appreciate your clarification, though.


@rmillerbass: Lying does not improve your credibility. I already told you it was cached by Google.

Take two hours this time and think carefully...could you have posted this deal in a better way that did not scream "I'm doing this for me, not for you"?


@stile99: Fine, you win. You're king of the internet. Congratulations. Forgive me for forgetting that I put my name on something days ago. All I wanted was an explanation and I've gotten it. I really don't care about it now, anyway. I have better things to do with my time. I hope that you have an enjoyable evening and a great rest of your week.