questionsget to know your wooters, part ii


@glindagw: Well, you've asked this at a tough time. I hope that it doesn't languish here, over on the Fresh tab. Saturdays are pretty tough on voting.

For those three people out there that don't already know, this account is an alter ego of @shrdlu, created in March as a representation of the weapon of choice, a flounder. You may also @jumbowoot's alter ego, @jabathewoot (apparently a lesser Jabba, since it could only afford the single "B").

Deals is a good time, and mostly pretty friendly. Ignore that cranky @shrdlu, especially in the mornings.


Not to hijack here - just adding for some geek data. On an average day (last monday) here's where deals.woot passers-by were from:

1.California 17,123
2.Texas 11,963
3.New York 11,146
4.Illinois 7,068
5.Florida 6,560
6.Pennsylvania 5,859
7.Ohio 5,575
8.Michigan 4,725
9.Virginia 4,537
10.Georgia 4,251
11.Washington 4,107
12.Massachusetts 3,652
13.North Carolina 3,505
14.New Jersey 3,354
15.Minnesota 3,295
16.Wisconsin 3,044
17.Missouri 2,906
18.Arizona 2,855
19.Maryland 2,845
20.Indiana 2,550
21.Oregon 2,298
22.Tennessee 2,263
23.Colorado 2,260
24.Utah 2,152
25.Connecticut 1,591
26.Kansas 1,551
27.Alabama 1,515
28.Iowa 1,511
29.Kentucky 1,382
30.Oklahoma 1,376
31.South Carolina 1,332
32.District of Columbia 1,275
33.Louisiana 1,152
34.Nebraska 1,028


35.Nevada 856
36.Arkansas 782
37.Idaho 680
38.New Hampshire 591
39.New Mexico 489
40.Maine 475
41.Mississippi 456
42.North Dakota 436
43.West Virginia 423
44.Rhode Island 397
45.South Dakota 380
46.Delaware 332
47.Montana 323
48.Vermont 256
49.Wyoming 166
50. (not set) 151

I see this ends at 49 states and noted DC. didn't bother to see why yet. have to post and run!
edit - well that was easy.. guess this was continental US only. no HI or AK


@snapster: those are some pretty interesting stats


@snapster: That's cool.

Does anyone want to compare those to the states' populations?


Didn't pipe in on the last thread so here goes.

Native Texan but did about 12+yrs in the NW. Life kept me from finishing college. Started with computers as telephone computer support for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I. Moved into technical writing. Wrote the user's manual for the first hard drive for the TRS-80. Went to work in various positions (writing & management) for a software company in WA state. Retired from there, divorced, moved back to TX. Worked various positions in a school district and am now in their technology group as my day job. In November, I hired on as Gatzby's grunt PT forum moderator for Woot. I love Woot and its community. Such fun. Oh, I have one son, 19, that keeps me laughing with his dry and quick sense of humor.


I just remembered where the dynamic duo (@theflounder and @jabathewoot) first showed up.

Now there is a thread that took more right turns than you could count. I got dizzy with it.


@shrdlu: Wow! That's amazing. Now I want people to vote for her just to see what happens. As you know, she started with a 0/100 at approx. 1:56 CST.

@thunderthighs: I'm glad that you chimed in. I'm pretty sure that my first and last attempt at programming was on a TRS-80. Does your son visit Deals?

Miniwooter will be back at suppertime or when her friends get called inside. It's 65 and sunny here.


@glindagw: Son has his own social networks... DeviantArt, SurvivorSucks, etc. Art is his thing, not shopping. If you happened to see Gatzby's birthday signature on 4/1, son designed that for me.


Hi, I'm @glindagw's daughter. I'm 10. I'm interested in reading, running, animals and Star Wars. Shirt.woot is my favorite site. I think that there should be a kid's shirt challenge. The money could be donated to the winner's school.

My Mom won't let me on here unsupervised but I like to look around with her sometimes. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the cool book ideas.

p.s. I've never gotten a Bubble of Cooties (I watch the computer for my Mom) but I'm working on a plan for a kids woot one.

NOTE FROM @glindgw: This site is for grown-ups. Users under 18 aren't allowed on woot without direct parental supervision. @miniwooter occasionally gets a pre-screened G-Rated glimpse of woot while sitting next to me. A lot of wooters know who she is because of this thread and other comments that I've made.


@miniwooter: Welcome! Thanks for being a fan of our shirts and for the suggestions! We have talked about doing some shirts for kids.woot. My boys are only 4 and 5 but they both enjoy them too.

psst: Tell your mom to type "padawan" into the shirt.woot order page the next couple times she's buying a shirt. (coupon code spot)


Aargh..character limit. @miniwooter's post came about because I couldn't remember her password (she wanted to buy her own woot-off lights). @flounder reminded me that I posted this question at an unfortunate time. We didn't want this question to disappear into fresh.

Her account also gives us an interesting opportunity to watch the reputation algorithm. She started with a ranking of 0/100 and that was her very first post (including deals, comments and questions).

@snapster: Thanks, I can't wait to tell her (still out riding her bike). She'll love the coupon code. She's wearing this shirt today:


@glindagw: yes, it's interesting on the reputation. in fact the issue we're noting on it has been a development meeting subject several times. there is a proposed new system to segment out sub 50% reputations a bit better because as it is now, once a meber gets 3 votes, they are already passing the "average" user (and I think past 50 rep).


Howdy, @miniwooter...glad to see you're an up and coming member or society. My son (7th grade) wore

to school in hopes that he might get into trouble, but apparently scenes of death don't reach that plateau in his school or, more likely, nobody was paying attention.

@snapster: I'm glad you're working on reputations. Various commitments have reduced my activity here recently but I'm still more pure than Ivory Soap. Like the title character in Springsteen's "Glory Days," I'm livin' on my past (and don't think it's right). Hope to see the leaderboards become more valid soon.

Oh, and on a "get to know your wooters" note, I've donated over two hundred units of platelets and think it would be dandy if more people donated blood and platelets.


@miniwooter: Welcome miniwooter we were happy to help your mom with the book suggestions.


Now my head just hurts. Due to all the editing, and changing, I feel like I've been sucker punched. I see @glindagw's response to my noting that miniwooter's reputation had gained just from the votes on her two comments. I am filled with commentary, but keeping it to myself.

An interesting side effect of all this editing has been that my usertab doesn't show that I'd commented on this thread (even though one of those comments was permitted to stay). I note this only as a curiousity, in case either @shawnmiller or @josefresno suddenly find themselves with idle time. I would expect that removing all the comments would have unstuck it from the usertab, but since there was one left, it's clearly a bug.


@miniwooter: Welcome to Deals, and to Ask the Wooters. I'm sure that you'd seen my welcome before, but I'm saying it again, just in case...


@shrdlu: Ms. Shrdlu - I didn't see your first welcome, I was out riding my bike. Thanks!

@hobbit: Ms. Hobbit - I really like the book suggestions. It's going to be a while before I run out of books to read. Now I won't have to read books a million times. I think that A Wrinkle in Time is still my favorite.

@wootvan: Mr. Wootvan - I think that woot shirts are more subtle. Sometimes I need to explain my shirts to people. That shirt wouldn't be allowed at my school but they might not have noticed it. I wear my woot shirts more than any other shirts.

@snapster: Master Snapster - Thank you very much for the code. The woot shirts are appropriate for kids sometimes. Maybe there should be one on kids woot every couple of weeks. I think that there should also be a kids design contest. You could give the money to their school's art department instead of to the kid. I also think that you need a pets' woot.


@thunderthighs: Thank you! I'm sad that your post got lost in the confusion. I'm glad that you shared. I really hope that this post will get back on track!


@glindagw: Just saw your posting in part 1 on whisky recommendations. I've plenty if you're interested. I have 85 single malts open at the moment, plus a dozen or so bourbons and American and Canadian whiskeys.

Where do your tastes lie? Bourbon? Scotch? Blends? Single malts? Peated? Unpeated? Light? Dark? Complex? Clean?



Snapsters numbers - Population

1.California 17,123 - 36,961,664
2.Texas 11,963 - 24,782,302
3.New York 11,146 - 19,541,453
4.Illinois 7,068 - 12,910,409
5.Florida 6,560 - 18,537,969
6.Pennsylvania 5,859 - 12,604,767
7.Ohio 5,575 - 11,542,645
8.Michigan 4,725 - 9,969,727
9.Virginia 4,537 - 7,882,590
10.Georgia 4,251 - 9,829,211
11.Washington 4,107 - 6,664,195
12.Massachusetts 3,652 - 6,593,587
13.North Carolina 3,505 - 9,380,884
14.New Jersey 3,354 - 8,707,739
15.Minnesota 3,295 - 5,266,214
16.Wisconsin 3,044 - 5,654,774
17.Missouri 2,906 - 5,987,580
18.Arizona 2,855 - 6,595,778
19.Maryland 2,845 - 5,699,478
20.Indiana 2,550 - 6,423,113
21.Oregon 2,298 - 3,825,657
22.Tennessee 2,263 - 6,296,254
23.Colorado 2,260 - 5,024,748
24.Utah 2,152 - 2,784,572
25.Connecticut 1,591 - 3,518,288
26.Kansas 1,551 - 2,818,747
27.Alabama 1,515 - 4,708,708



28.Iowa 1,511 - 3,007,856
29.Kentucky 1,382 - 4,314,113
30.Oklahoma 1,376 - 3,687,050
31.South Carolina 1,332 - 4,561,242
32.District of Columbia 1,275 - Skip
33.Louisiana 1,152 - 4,492,076
34.Nebraska 1,028 - 1,796,619
35.Nevada 856 - 2,643,085
36.Arkansas 782 - 2,889,450
37.Idaho 680 - 1,545,801
38.New Hampshire 591 - 1,324,575
39.New Mexico 489 - 2,009,671
40.Maine 475 - 1,318,301
41.Mississippi 456 - 2,951,996
42.North Dakota 436 - 646,844
43.West Virginia 423 - 1,819,777
44.Rhode Island 397 - 1,053,209
45.South Dakota 380 - 812,383
46.Delaware 332 - 885,122
47.Montana 323 - 974,989
48.Vermont 256 - 621,760
49.Wyoming 166 - 544,270
50.Hawaii ----- - 1,295,178
51.Alaska ----- - 698,473

(51 states because I added District of Columbia)

P.S. Hi @miniwooter


Hi everybody, I'm nobody.

@miniwooter: A Wrinkle in Time is still my favorite, too.


@nvaine: I'm with ya, another nobody here!

I'm a 26-year-old physicist-triathlete-programmer, in that approximate order. I shop for unusual tech/linux stuff, and love my woot shirts!


@miniwooter: It is a pleasure to finally meet the inspiration behind one of my favorite threads. I hope that you enjoy your (supervised) time here and spend many hours reading. I spent most of my youth (from 10-16) in bed reading. Just be careful if you do wrong, your mom will ground you from reading. My mother did this to me. Listening to her explain my punishments to her friends always amused me.


@nvaine: Everyone's a nobody. Give us something more!

@gluonconcerto: What part of the country do you live in? Do you have an all time favorite woot shirt?


@glindagw, life really stinks right now, and I'm trying not to bring everybody down. But this was rather amusing:

A friend picked up my mail a few days ago, and I got a phone call. "Your mail is singing!" she said. It was my adventure bag of carp, and it drove her absolutely crazy. "I have to open this, it won't shut up!"

So I'm nobody, but I have singing Woot mail.


@nvaine: What was singing and what was it singing?


@chris12345: I think it was some kind of Winnie the Pooh toothbrush holder. Haven't seen it yet, though.


Hi folks, another nobody here.
Here's one to wrap your minds around for your state by state stats.
I currently live in Germany (have a friend in the same boat that is an avid wooter here). But try to buy whenever the wife will let me. So it's curious to see how is factors where I buy from. All my woots are sent to an APO (Armed-Forces Post Office) which I believe is in Jersey City, New Jersey. But I do not know if perhaps it is figured by credit cards in which I alternate one from Michigan and one from Texas. So let me know how you figure this out. Thanks


@carljpark: What branch of service? Thanks for serving!

I wonder how many international visitors we get to deals.

@wootvan: Happy Monday! Thanks for a great start to my day.


Cool thread!

I'm the dork that read the change in TOS and promptly outed deals.woot. I'm still surprised that @snapster or the Woot staff didn't yank my account for blowing the surprise. Sorry for raining on your parade, folks!

Anywho, I originally hail from the greater St. Louis area (from the other side of the river). The Army took me halfway around the world. They dropped me off in the suburbs of DC where I married, got a real job, and had two kids who have no idea how much they benefit from kids.woot.

My favorite woots are the little refurbed Sansas that I can lose without feeling guilty and the "This Little Piggy" toy from kids.woot that is the ONLY toy powerful enough to stop Her Royal Highness' diva tantrums.

My woot fantasy is that someone will divulge the secret location of the "tiny, understaffed office" on the East Coast and that it is in Washington DC. I show up uninvited (pastries in hand) and leave with the woot monkeys I need to complete my collection.


I'm a mild mannered computer programmer from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm studying at the university here for computer science and information assurance. I'm a big ol' nerd. I like to build computers, and I'm into music and recording. Me and a couple of friends do an internet broadcast/podcast every Sunday. I usually troll musician's friend, thinkgeek, and newegg which is where a lot of my posted deals have come from. I sometimes feel like I shouldn't bother with those sites considering most people here also troll those sites. But I digress...


@glindagw: In the army, and no thanks needed, just doing what I enjoy! But appreciate it anyway.


I'm another nobody. I work for GM Logistics, also in freight sales for TCT. I got a computer science degree that has done a commendable job holding up the drywall for the last eight years.

I love shirt.woot, it is becoming somewhat of a problem in our household. Something about the thrill of random shirts.

We have a kiddo on the way, too, so kids.woot is suddenly more attractive.

I live in the south DFW area and would kill to work at woot. Also, my wife is a seamstress, so random shirts often turn into awesome creations.


@guylee: What sorts of things does your wife make? Miniwooter is starting to grow out of some of her woot shirts.


Her creativity knows no bounds! She is pretty enamored with making weird and/or bizarre purses. Her favorite is a "library bag" style. She made a bunch of money a few years ago sewing purses made from little boys' cartoon underwear (put cloth over the leg holes, added lining, a zipper, a strap). It sounds borderline creepy if you say it, but I guess they rose above the kitsch factor.

I'm sure you could commission anything. She even made one guy a suit out of corduroy from scratch. She worked in the KU costume shop for several years.


@guylee: That is awesome!!! I will have to think about getting some to do that for my future wife!


I'm "the new guy" among the writers here at Woot, and I help come up with product descriptions for Deals and all the other sites in the Woot family, as well as some of our blog stuff. I've recently decided to start kicking around the Deals site more.

I'm usually looking for things like shirts, electronics, or music. Although with my wife being a chef I'm also on the lookout for high-quality ingredients, kitchen knives, and a set of copper pans for less than $3,000.


Long time wooter, very rare commenter. I was told about Woot from an insane, but very fun, ex-coworker and stayed because I have always enjoyed the humor if not the products. Shirt.Woot really drew me in and then all the side deals that came with it. I miss the DBH deals and all the small clothing companies. I have given up on the BOC hunting as I have failed way too many times and never really buy anything from wootoffs anyways.
I'm 24, single and work constantly as an Dreyer's Ice Cream sales Rep in Seattle, but still manage to check most of Woot daily (Wine.Woot & Kids.Woot never seem to peak my interest). I love movies, especially weird ones, and anything technology related.


Hello everyone!

As you can see from my white triangle, I am very new to the woot comments, but it seems like a fun community, so I figure I will give it a try. :)

I'm 32, and currently live in Baltimore, MD, but I'm originally from WV. My background is chemisty and I work as an industrial hygienist.

As for deals, I'm a sucker for about anything, but especially t-shirts. My most recent t-shirt purchase was the "Paddle faster, I hear banjos" shirt posted on here last week. Come on, I couldn't resist that one!

My boyfriend thinks I buy stuff just for the opening presents effect when I get the packages. Well, there may be a little truth to that, but truthfully, I just find it hard to pass up a good deal!

Have a great weekend everyone!


BTW Everybody on woot is a Somebody and welcome to all you people who are introducing yourselves even if you aren't new to woot!


@maisyday: Welcome. A close friend is an industrial hygienist. I understand the field. With that said, I can never shake the image of her carrying around an industrial strength toothbrush! I loved the banjo t-shirt but I wasn't willing to explain it to miniwooter.

@skippykj: Ice cream sales rep? Did I mention that we're going to be in Seattle this summer? It's going to be a bit of a foodie trip. We could be your new best friends/long lost relatives. What would you classify as a weird movie?

@llandar: The guys at the shop where I get my knives sharpened always know who is upgrading their equipment or who is getting divorced. They recently referred a friend of mine to a divorcee who sold a huge set of copper pots that were barely used for $1000.


@glindagw: If you haven't been to Seattle, go to the Pike Place Market. Everyone seem to think that because I sell ice cream that I get it for free, but I do buy a ton and I fair amount of it is for other people. Weird movies that I like are "Being John Malkovich" "City of Lost Children" "Royal Tenenbaums" and I could go on for awhile.


Another nobody here. Well, I'm @maisyday's oldest sister, so there's that. Other than that...I'm a 37 year old SAHM in West Virginia. I might be 38, but after three kids (all six and under), I get confused on some of the details now.

I'd like to see cheese.woot. Yum, cheese!


@glindagw: Wow, I'm shocked that someone actually knows what it is that I do! Lots of people get the image of me toting around an industrial size toothbrush, so you aren't the only one. :)

Oh, and for anyone out there who might be wondering, an industrial hygienist works in occupational safety and health. No toothbrushes necessary!

@cepraines: Howdy sister! :)


@skippykj: I lived south of Seattle in another lifetime. My daughter was always very concerned about the safety of the fish in the aquarium because they lived so close to the market. We'll probably stop by there while we're in Seattle.

@cepraines: Welcome! I'm surprised that you can put together a coherent sentence with three kids under 6. I just pulled the last of the woot goat cheese out of the freezer yesterday. Cheese sounds like a good idea to me.

@maisyday: I think that I maintain the giant toothbrush image because it's more exciting than the real thing (my friend says similar things about my job). Did you see @catbertthegreat's question about names. Is yours a twist of Daisy May?


@glindagw: Yeah, I guess that the toothbrush is more interesting. As for my name, it's an old nickname from when I was a kid.