questionsother than scrapbooking, what else can you use…


I was actually really bored one morning....watching some station...and they were being all crafty making cards and picture frames. I think I fell asleep. I don't do crafty stuff anymore, it requires an amount of focus that I just can't muster. But it looked cool.


If your wife doesn't scrap book, this seems like it might end up as one of those gifts that gathers dust until it moves on to the good will, or is re-gifted. I've seen things at Michael's that create fancy edges and shapes, but are mechanical. They operate in the same was as the huge paper cutters you see in copy centers (except they're a bit safer).

Perhaps the friends that are suggesting this have wives who scrapbook? I can see that it might be entertaining for smaller children, but I like to encourage more creativity myself (a stack of colored paper, some scissors, and a glue stick).

If you are asking us, here, perhaps you've already realized that your wife might not like it.


It seems like you should really get her a laser-cutting machine that can etch into steel and cut shapes out of wood & plastic. I'm sure she'd use that all the time. And maybe a 3D printer.

And, I guess, if it happened that she wasn't all that into it or couldn't think of things to do, maybe, just maybe you'd find some use for it.