questionshas anyone else run into warranty issues with…


Sorry, I haven't bought anything from them. Did check the Kindles they have in stock and found that they're listed as "slightly used." Whatever that means...I've never seen a Kindle advertised in that manner. They normally say "refurbished." If it's been factory refurbed, it should work.

I've purchased Kindles from Amazon, woot & just recently from DailySteals. I bought warranties for each of them thru SquareTrade. Probably too late for you to do that, but you might check. One more thing, have you tried a hard reset? Slide the power button over & hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. (Note: Do NOT have it plugged in to charge.) It just might come back. If it does, then fully recharge it.

Also, you might contact Kindle support on Amazon - they're excellent Kindle techs & might be able to help. Really sorry you're having problems. :-(


One of my concerns when Secondipity began posting deals here was that they're selling used electronics, which is a lot riskier than selling refurb items.

Sorry to see you've run into a problem, and I agree that the idea of a warranty starting when the order is placed is about as pitiful a policy as I've ever heard of.


@secondipity @trissecondipity Can you help us out?

If no one replies to these from Secondipity I'll get an email address to you where they might be able to help you out.

FWIW I buy from Secondipipity on a regular or somewhat regular basis and have never had an issue. BUT most of the stuff is listed as use or excellent. Not as a Refurb or Manufacturer Referb.... so you might be out of luck.


@trissecondipity may be able to help. She has been especially helpful to others on Woot.

Edit: Oops, looks like @coolphilip04 beat me to it. By the way, I believe the second link I posted has an email address that you may be able to contact.


@misuhsipee: Tris is actually on a sabbatical so that email address will probably be answered by Anne. I believe Anne or someone else at the company is active on the @secondipity username at the moment.


@bberzinjr: No one must be checking the secondipity or trissecondipity accounts so email this person: they might be able to help you out. Make sure you mention you found it through deals.woot


@bberzinjr: Anne here from Secondipity. So sorry I've been slow to respond (and that your Kindle stopped working...), but I'd love to help you out. Our Kindles are actually used, not refurbished, which is why we only offer our 30-day guarantee. If you email me your order number (, I'd be glad to reach out to our customer service team and see what we can do for you. :) Thanks for your patience!