questionswhat bike lock should i get?


Get the Kryptonite U-lock or the Kryptonite BigHeavyChain.
Both are heavy, and neither is 100% secure, but they will slow a thief down enough to be secure in broad daylight in public.
Avoid cable locks like the plague.


Years ago I got one of the New York Nooses--not sure if Kryptonite still makes this. Big enough to warrant carrying it around your waist. Intimidating if nothing else. They used to be possible to find on Craigslist/Ebay. If going used, be sure the lock isn't the circular key kind. Apparently they can be opened with the blunt end of a Bic pen.


This one seems like it would do you well:

Just by the nature of it having the cable to secure your wheels as well (although perhaps not, only a 4-foot cable... hmmm) and a U-lock for better security, and it being frame-mountable. Seems pretty darn good for quickly locking it up on a ride.


Here are some tips on locking your bike up. I find that one of the hardest things is finding something that I can actually lock my bike up to that's small enough for the u-lock to go around. Also, if you want to carry a u-lock in your frame make sure it actually fits before you buy it. I didn't and mine is about a inch too large to fit inside my frame. So I end up carrying it in a pack. It's a pain.


I know nothing will be 100% secure so like you said, I just want to "deter" or at least slow them down. The frame is 22" so i should have no problem "fitting" any lock to it, but I think you might be right that it can be hard to find a place to lock it if the U is too small. I have to decide if I want to carry around another key for it or get a combination that I'll soon forget... lol


@jbraunonline: It really depends on the geometry of the frame rather than the overall size of it. My city bike is on the large side but it has more of a mountain bike geometry rather than a road bike. The inside part of the frame is what you've got to watch out for. But if you're riding a standard road bike it's not usually an issue.