questionsanyone here have a ford focus?


If it doesn't fit in the trunk, I've managed to squeeze a 42" TV into the backseat of a similar sized car. Assuming you have the 4 door model.


If you have the 3-door or 5-door version of the Focus you should be able to put down the back seat and have no issue fitting it in from the trunk to the back seat. If, like @joneholland, you have a 2 door or 5 door, you may still be able to fit it in the back seat if not in the trunk as you'll have more vertical room like that most likely. (I own the 3-door hatchback from '07 and have been able to fit 2 large suitcases with space to spare by putting down the back seats, so a 42" wouldn't be a problem.)


i have a 2012 hatch, it would fit for sure. What year/model you talking about?


@zarfus: It is the 2012 model and is the 4 door SE model.

Thanks everyone!


I have a 2-door 2009 and I could stuff anything in that trunk except people because of the damn glow in the dark latch in there.


One thing I have learned is that you do not need to transport the packaging. I have unpacked a few televisions to get the to fit in my car. Just be careful and maybe have a blanket along to protect the screen.


I have a 2001 and I was able to fit a 42 in LCD inside however if it is a plasma IT HAS TO REMAIN UPRIGHT! A plasma is glass and will crack like a spiderweb if allowed.


I bought a 42" plasma a while ago and borrowed a friend's van to get it home. At the time between my wife and I the two cars we had were a VW Jetta and a Ford Mustang, neither was anywhere near large enough to fit the TV, in its box, upright (as a previous poster mentioned a Plasma must remain upright in transit).
If you're buying a new TV I would highly recommend borrowing a vehicle so you can transport it properly. Stores tend to frown on customers de-boxing their TVs in the parking lot to take them home. If you don't know anyone with a minivan or something on that order you can usually rent one for the day from your local car rental (or UHaul) for about $100 plus gas, it is well worth it.
If you're really feeling cheap, go to your favorite home improvement store, buy 1 sheet of sheetrock and rent their truck. You can often rent their truck for about $50-70 (sometimes even less). It is money well spent, to ensure that your TV gets home safely.


When in doubt, remove it from the box...


Y'know, speaking about this...

With a little chagrin, I have to admit that I've driven only Fords for the last decade or so, i.e. ever since I started driving. They were all either sedans, hatchbacks, or station wagons.

In every model I can recall, you were always able to fold down the back seats.

Now why have they removed foldable seats from the Focus sedan (4-door)?? It's so frustrating, since otherwise I would have been able to transport so much more in the car.


Call a friend with a truck.
Have a few beers with him after while enjoying new T.V.

I squeezed a 42" in the box in the backseat of my 96 Olds.


2006 2 door hatch. Fit a 46" samsung in mine ( hint use the passenger door ) tight but fits.