questionswhy i can not add the deal from my website?


1. Practice your English comprehension, reading skills & translation skills.
2. Sign up for a deals.woot vendor account. You need a vendor account to post your own website deals.
3. Read the deals.woot FAQ regarding posting of deals.


More than likely because you've been posting deals to your site using an individual User ID instead of one that makes it plain to other users that you are financially connected to the deals you're advertising. You'll need to create a brand-new User ID that reflects the name of your company.

Just to be sure, though, you should also contact to be sure there's no other problem with the deals you post. I can see what seems to be a pretty likely problem, but you need to have someone official talk to you about it.

Perhaps @prettywootprincess can take a glance at it for you.


@stome87 we are currently only working with companies based in the US and Canada.