questionsany rangers ball park advice?


Nolan Ryan Statue in the center field area. The view of the area, including Cowboys Stadium is pretty nice from the third level concourse. Probably won't be able to get too close but all the Suites(2nd level) are named after Hall of Famers. Don't know much about the food, we always take our own food and drinks. No Alcohol is allowed to be brought in, but you can bring in drinks that have not been opened in plastic or paper(juice box)containers. I have not been in any of the new areas yet so I can't give any feed back on that. Have a good time, weather appears to be great.


I am soooo jealous... you are playing my A's, go easy on them....


We went when the Ballpark first opened, and compared to its' predecessor it is magnificent. Sometime when you can, pay up & go upstairs to the Cuervo Club. Watching the game from the A/C, leather recliner area over home plate in an all-you-can-eat environment is a nice touch.
Seating-wise, sit under a deck or use LOTS of sunscreen- that place gets remarkably hot!


We saw the Rangers in their home stadium once and were surprised at how empty it was when we first arrived. Later realized that the smart people waited until the sun started to go down before they came to the game...super hot and humid there. Have fun!


Thanks everybody! Work is taking us to the game and we will be in a suite. I look forward to getting out and checking out all the areas you have pointed out.


Discoverd Rarh & Sons beers tonight. So good. I'm hoping they serve this or anything similar riniorejdd er tomorrow.


Finally got back to the computer...

The park was awesome and the game was good. Rangers took it easy on the A's and Oakland won the game. Attending a game in a suite has spoiled me though.

I was tempted to get a boomstick, but I didn't want to drop the $26.

Thanks for all the advice!