questionsdid you see you might soon be able to run android…


Well, it's good news to me, anyway. I'm apparently the queen of "bought one, still don't know what to do with it" electronics, so this will undoubtedly make it easier for me to play with.


nice! i'm tired of WIFI issues with cyanogen mod android... leggo!


@michaelkriss please post on here if/when this happens in case i miss it! :)


I've had CM9 on my Touchpad for a while, but then it just stopped loading properly - stuck in an endless boot cycle. Add in the annoying wifi issues - no rhyme or reason to it. I haven't even turned my Touchpad on in over a month. This would be an interesting development.

Ok, just read the Kickstarter project details. Eh, $50 minimum contribution to get the software as a reward? That's a bit too steep for me. I'd rather put that $50 towards a new tablet.


@drsilentg: Defiantly! They are shooting for a July release so hopefully it all goes well. I recently left webOS for phones (Pre 3) to WP8 (Lumia 920) but still love the OS and would love to see it thrive, or at least survive.

@90mcg112: I thought the same thing, hopefully they change it and open up more $30 slots if they ever dream of reaching their goal.


I knew I shouldn't have sold mine for a 2.5x profit margin....


@michaelkriss: I don't get the "defiantly" part.....


@robingraves: Typo... It was supposed to be definitely, I was on the way out the door for a family party and didn't check before submitting.


I've been using CM9 for 2 months with no wifi/boot issues. I use it enough to drain the battery daily. Try using the nightly builds?

As per the KS description, I started dual-booting because of how poor the app catalog was. I only use WebOS when I just want to browse and do heavy typing.

How would one access the Google Play store on WebOS? Would we have to boot in Android, download all the stuff we want, then reboot in webos?


I wasn't lucky enough to get one but, then again, I don't use my kindle for much except playing games and downloading music from Freegal so I may not be their target audience.

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If you're one of the people who likes to read the "have you heard...?" questions here, you should just start reading Engadget. These questions are always posted after Engadget posts the same article.


This sounded promising until I heard there was a pretty big fee and not sure about the moding again, been there done that and IMHO a pain in the butt.


My TouchPad is still operating webOS quite handily. At first, I regretted not having the apps that an iOS or Android device offered, but I got over that a long time ago.

With a handy bluetooth keyboard, the TouchPad running webOS meets all of my needs.

However, if a functional mod made Android a real option, I would probably jump on it. $50 seems like a lot though.


I've been using CM9 for awhile now with no wifi or boot issues. Those with issues should probably try updating to the newest build, hopefully it'll fix the issue.

Anyway, this is nice and all, but honestly I haven't booted my Touchpad into WebOS for months. Even browsing in Android is a better experience IMO (though only as long as I use Chrome for Android). So definitely not spending $30 to get this software or contributing to the Kickstarter. Given how transitory technology is (the Touchpad is already 2 years old!) and the fact that it runs Android pretty well already, this seems a bit silly.

I understand that they want to utilize Android's extensive library some of the positive features of WebOS, and I wish them the best of luck. Not for me though.


Same as novastarj. I used to have intermittent wifi problems with CM9, but after updating to one of the most recent builds (from March), I don't. Plus I have better battery life, the camera and mic finally work. The only thing I think still missing is hardware acceleration for graphics, but that'll be harder to crack.

I used to occasionally boot into WebOS when I needed to transfer files from my PC to my Touchpad, but since I've started using ESExplorer and my PC has network sharing enabled, everything is done by wifi. I see no reason to ever boot into WebOS ever again (knock on wood).

And it's free. Took about 15-20 minutes to install the bootloader and rest of the software. ICS is pretty sweet. Once they start getting closer to a solid build of 4.1, I'll probably move to that.