questionsi put up a deal f/groupon/goods/mophie/it was…


I did repost- its funny though 2 votes against right away just like the last post- not that they are related but who knows.


@extech01: I'm fairly sure that referral links are also a no-no on deals.woot. If it had a unique code/ url to give you credit for anyone who buys through your link, that might be another reason it was taken down.


The Groupon T-shirt deal I posted didn't have a referral link, I posted before I bought my coupon. Yet it still got down-voted. I expected it to be a popular deal, I thought The Mountain was a respected and well-liked T-shirt seller and there are certainly enough people on here who like T-shirts. Getting T's from them at less than half price seemed like a good match for wooters to me, but evidently I was wrong. I have given up on trying to penetrate the mind of the average wooter and hardly bother to post deals these days. More great Mountain T's for me.