questionsmen wearing jewelry - what's acceptable?


I tend to wear just my watch and glasses.
If the occasion is more formal (and related) I will put on my college ring, but not very often does this occur.


I weat a wedding band - that's it.

I don't even where a watch any longer - no reason too. Between cell phones, electronics, computers, etc. I always am just a few feet away - if that - from knowing the time.


I don't wear any. Is that "acceptable"?


To each their own, if a man wants to wear lots of jewelry or none at all, that is their prerogative. With that being said, I wear my wedding ring and occasionally a watch. A few years ago the kids I coached in baseball bought me a very understated and simple bracelet and I wore that for about a year, until they all had moved on from the school I work at...


I'm a guy and the only "jewlery" I wear are knives. I have several to choose from that hang from a chain on my neck - so I guess they count as necklaces. All the other blades go in a pocket, on my belt, or in my boot. Today I was carrying 5 blades and I used 3 of them.


@nortonsark: you used 3 of them?....on whom?

(do not go crazy...I am joking)


@nortonsark: we're curious about your hobby, so bold ,lol.
How about sharing with your experience on parties.
Have you made the deep impression on the lovely girl, aha-haa, it seems girls like their boyfriend looked cool and kept in the fashion trends.


@morriea: To answer your question. I used two of the pocket blades to open some boxes. The same blades are part of multi-tools that unfold into pliers and I needed both pliers at one point to loosen some locked nuts on a bolt. I used the Bowie knife on my belt to cut some blackberry vines out of my way (Normally I would use a large machete, but I wasn't wearing it at the time). So that makes the three blades I "used" today. My necklace knife stayed inside my shirt and my second large Bowie stayed inside my boot where it acts as a brace for my bad ankle (so I guess I sorta used that one today too). Oh, and I did not need to unholster my gun today either.


@morriea: Errrrrrrrrrr,i'm worry about the bold guy too, if 1 plus 1 entered 2 is the ture answer.


@nortonsark: lol, interesting.So, you actually used at least 3 of them everyday.
Maybe many of us,including me, wondering the scenery when there's come a situation that you have to use them in the meantime but have no mind how to deal with better. Have this kind of situation occured ever ?


East & West coasts: no limits(apparently).
For the other 90% of us, a ring's cool.
More than that just looks fake.


@jsimsace: of course, your prerogative, as long as your dress in good taste, and in moderation, you can also show off your style in your club.


Some people think that people wears dozens of chains, looks pretty idiotic. But I've got no place in saying that, because every one has their own styles. =P

Hey, I heard that if a male gets his right ear pierced, it can means he's gay? Is that true?


@parrisu: Nope- just if it's his tongue.


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I like to wear a cross necklace and my wedding band. If it had meaning to me I would wear it.