questionshow popular do you think woot is with collegeā€¦


Woot tends to sell (for the most part) stuff you don't need. Unless you have disposable income (and most college students do not), you won't be buying much of anything from Woot.

I agree that they have great deals (most of the time) on what they do sell, but unless you're in a financial position where you can buy on a whim, or are fortunate enough to have something come up that you're planning on buying anyway, then it's not going to appeal to most audiences.

I guess it's not for everyone.


I'm so old, we didn't have the interwebs when I was in college. But I didn't have much disposable income back then like @capguncowboy said, so I probably would not have been a wooter.


An interesting conundrum: The shirts are targeted toward the youths in college, but they cannot afford them.

I found woot when I started college. I just don't buy stuff on woot unless it is an insane deal or something I need (or things like gifts), hence my lowly, filthy brown square.

I've told my friends and family about woot, but they don't really care. Now that the BOC is gone, I don't think anything will convince them to use it.


@curtisuxor: you fool! the BOC is back. what rock have you been living under?


@cowboydann: ? Since when? I gave up even bothering to look for it after a while.


@curtisuxor: April Fools day, it was up for like 20 mintues before it sold out apparenlty. showed up on tools and garden, and 15 minutes later or so it was posted to facebook and sold out another 5 minutes later. It was pretty crazy. I didn't get one of course


As an aunt of college students, I can say that the shirts are hands down a hit...... but of course I buy them for them.
College students = broke.
Of course, I am always amazed at all the "stuff" these guys have that are considered standard, that seem luxury to me. [age showing]
(microwaves, big screen tvs cell phones and all the other gadgets that fill a dorm room) I think if they need to stock up on any of that stuff, they might find their way here. Or their parents do !


@ceagee: A microwave makes perfectly good sense to me. Sure beats trying to make grilled cheese sandwiches by ironing them, or heating soup in an electric popcorn popper.


I'll echo the above and add a bit. Look at the family (now) of Woot sites, and you can see that most of them hold little if any interest to a college student.

Home: No need for cutting boards, steamers, and Dysons.
Kids: Don't have any, so it's unless buying some gifts for younger sibs at the holiday.
Wine: Most are under 21, and those that aren't can't even begin to afford nearlyh all the offerings.
Tools and Garden: See home.

So, that leaves the original site, tech, sport and shirt. Today on Woot, we have a nice 40 inch HDTV for 600 bucks. A good deal, but your average Joe/Jane College can't afford that, even if they had room for it, which they probably don't. On Tech we have a $700 core i7 notebook. It's a pretty good deal if you are in the market: this would be a once every several years purchase, and the l3wt would have to come from elsewhere. (continued)


Only if they knew about it before it was cool.


On Sport a $100 fixie bike for the college hipster wannabes. This is actually a possibility for some. Sport is one of the sites which actually has gear which would interest a segment of the college market, and they could afford on at least some days.
Sellout has a 40 dollar steamer. While affordable (sort of) few college students have the interest or room to steam clothes. Even if you wanted to give a try to that make.
So, this leaves Shirt. College students and t shirts go together like tequila and puking hangovers. Unfortunately, most don't have the money or space to be dropping 12 bucks a pop on any kind of a regular basis.

So, unless students really like to torture themselves with things they want and can't afford, or stuff they don't really need, why would they come by?


Not very popular. When I was in college my last concern was finding a deal on a bunch of random stuff so I could make an impulse by.


I just finished school about a year ago and I'll be another echo that I just couldn't aford this stuff. yeah it's a great deal but if your already eating Ramen 3-4 nights a week you're not looking to spend $12 on a shirt when you can head to the brickyard and pick up one for free everyday of the week. That $12 will buy a cheap bottle of any number of liquers.

I was aware of woot in college, but unless it was for a gift I never touched the "I want one" button.


I graduated college about four years ago and Woot was wildly popular with the computer science/software engineering students for my last few years there. Granted it was mostly the shirts that people actually bought, but when there was a Woot-off the information spread like wildfire and you could find students in the computer lab at any given time obsessively hitting F5. I doubt it was very popular with other majors though. CS/SEs are sort of expected to be sitting in the computer lab every free minute.


@magic cave: Ah, the old ironed "grilled cheese" sandwich! I remember it well! Of course, I was in college back in the days before microwaves were generally available, and if they had been and if I COULD have afforded one, I lived in a dorm and would have had to hide it. (Yes, microwaves used to be horribly expensive! My inlaws gave us one as a wedding gift in 1981 and paid about $600 for it. And that was when $600 was worth a lot more than it is now!)

The soup in a popcorn popper reference was really great. We had a deep one sort of like the one below and were able to cook entire meals in it. Still had to hide it from the dorm staff, though.

One thing no one has mentioned is that many college students probably don't have a lot of time to Woot. I rarelyeven watched television back them. Much more fun things to do!


College, eh?
Does Woot sell beer?

j5 j5

@belyndag: We're of the same era. Back in 1966, we weren't allowed to have any cooking apparatus in a dorm room except for the popcorn popper. Mine looked almost exactly like yours. And of course we had to keep cheapo little styro ice containers so we could avoid food poisoning.

Oh, and the only TV in my entire dorm was in the "front parlor," as my Southern Baptist college quaintly called it, which was also the only room in which boys were permitted. Did I mention girls were required to wear skirts -- not slack, jeans, or shorts -- anywhere on campus on Sundays?

My first home microwave was purchased around 1977 or so. It cost $700, had an external size comparable to a large suitcase, and weighed about 35 lbs.

NOT really the good old days, in many, many ways.


Not very. The average cost across the 8 standard woot sites today(shirt.woot excluded because the price is the same) is around $230. Very few college students have that kind of scratch just lying around to spend on mostly unnecessary products.
I remember when woot used to offer a pretty wide variety of products in a mostly lower price range. Those were the days when I used to come to woot thinking I might actually make a purchase and was often tempted by the offerings. I don't even check woot offs more than once or twice, even though I have a lot more disposable income now than I did back in the day.


@magic cave: But it's much more fun to make a grilled cheese with an iron.


@curtisuxor: Late to the party here, but there is absolutely no way that shirt.woot targets college students, unless the median age of college students suddenly soared to 50.

Here's a comprehensive list of cat shirts that I've seen worn on a college campus:


Interesting comments. I guess I do find myself not buying anything from Woot sites anymore, but I definitely use deals.woot a lot. I guess I was just surprised a lot of people had not even heard of Woot.