questionsare we on a 4 day woot-off or no boc this time?


I was wondering the same thing.


i was wondering if the individual that questioned "are we gonna end the wootoff with a boc?" was correct. (question-paraphrased from first day of wootoff) or maybe they gave away all their crap in the re-bagging from last month (another question from earlier this wootoff).

i'm spending way too much time here to remember all of these...


Whichever. I'm here until I see some flying monkeys.


I was beginning to think I was crazy... Glad I'm not the only one, haha.


i hope its not going to be a 4 day w/o a BoC, ive been on too long to not at least have the chance at a BoC


Woot-Off started, our computer died, went out for repair, came back, I log in and the Woot-Off is still going. I think it's going extra long to make up for the time I missed -- so thanks Woot!


it's the next deal
I promise


@73fixed: LIAR!! it wasn't even the one after that. i bet it doesn't happen till i gotta go pee. (sorry it hard to type the joking tone in my voice.)


i say we all chip in to get @moosezilla a few big gulps. hurry this party along


@skippykj: wow! love it! it's even funnier if you know i got a van like that.


No BOC. Based on some of the items I've seen over the last few days, I don't think there is going to be any crap left to put in the bags.


See? This is what happens when everyone complains about the Bag of Crap. Now their feelings are hurt, and they just aren't going to give them out anymore.

It's *all your fault.



This is the last day and there will be a BOC - not sure about the monkeys. My take for what it is worth.

Edit - what is this time - "a minute from now?" I think Shrdlu and I posted at the same time, but hers landed first. Is this a new way of doing it? No matter, but I would hate to contradict Shrdlu's statement of NO BOC - she may have the inside story :}


@klozitshoper: before i posted, skippykj's comment was already there. after i posted, my comment landed above his for some reason. i refreshed several times and the posting times changed from seconds, to 2 minutes apart, to same time. something weird is happening (i blame AWS)


@klozitshoper: I agree, I think that it ends tonight. I don't recall a four day woot off ever, anyone??


There has never been a 4 day woot-off before.
Boc's are not guaranteed every woot-off (although I can't remember the last 3-day that didn't have one, usually its the 1-day-ers where they might leave them out)

There is still 3 1/2 hrs to go - so only time will tell.


Well, ColonelCrap did say he was gonna change things up. It could be a 4 day woot off, there could be no BoC, maybe they could send out bags randomly to people who bought stuff. Who knows. The only thing I know is that it is frustrating, and hilarious at the same time.


@lichme: I think @colonelcrap was fired (or dishonorably discharged) after the last BOC. Why promise great things then not even adhere to your own commandments and give peeps 3 craps and 1 bag?


@bsmith1: My replacement crap was awesome!


@wilcononomous: I believe there was a four-day Woot-off way back when. I'd like a staff person to confirm or deny. A long time ago when you didn't know when a BOC was going to turn up and they weren't monthly.


looks like we aren't in for 4 days. Or a bag of crap, though given the quality lately, is that really too much of a bad thing? It is just crap after all.


looks like no 4-dayer nor BOC unless it was a hidden-in-a-link one :)


I wonder how many of those camcorders and vacuums they have left. They did not move at all on Woot or Home.Woot. I've never seen products sell at such a glacial pace during a Woot-Off before.


@figgers3036: I find it funny that people would use the word quality and "bag of crap" in the same sentence. Really, if it is a bag of crap, I am not expecting quality.


No monkeys, no crap, no roomba (just that knockoff).


At least they had leak frogs I guess.


@geognerd: there were still about 80% of the camcorders left. the bar was still showing a large supply left. i looked right when the item changed to the non-wootoff laptops