questionsdo moderators work on the weekend?


There is staff working on the weekend, and if you've seen comments on a duplicate deal, figure it's had enough tattles, and don't add to it. Each and every tattle generates a email, and needs responding to. It's why most of us leave a comment, so that others know it's been seen, and so that the poster has some chance of knowing why the deal has disappeared.

I believe the staff is very thin, though. Mostly, on the weekends, there's just one, and while others can show up and handle things, they aren't officially working. Here's an additional handy thing to know:


On the weekend I just try to take slow deep breaths, double-up on coffee, and try not to get too aggravated. You may see duplicates and spam sit for hours before any action is taken. I've seen some deals sit the whole entire weekend before someone takes the appropriate action.

I'd happily take care of that issue if they would let me. :)


I'd like to imagine that the staff/moderators are always lurking around but, as an experiment, are less active on the weekends just to see what kinds of crazy shenanigans people might get up to (when they suspect there isn't as much authority around).


@oahceasgnikgneas: shhh, I'm totally not working. I don't have deals mod powers anyway, so no one can blame me for comment deletion, horray!


Oh yes, the definitely do


Dragqueen is right. Only staff mods have power here.
I asked about just getting a delete button, for spam. The powers come in an all or none package.


Thanks all. I got called to work right after I posted and just got back to a computer. I will make sure that I am adequately caffeinated on weekends and put on my patience pants. Thanks again.