questionswhat is a good offline navigation/maps program…


just curious.....why not buy a GPS?


I'm clueless. And information-less.


I was under the impression the Maps app that came with Android phones was pretty good, but I've never seen it used offline (and don't have an Android phone myself anyway).

About a year ago, I was investigating nav apps myself (for iPhone, but the selection should be fairly similar) and I came up empty handed. There were a few decent free ones, but nothing particularly great. I can't recall trying ANY that had offline support.

I ended up just buying a GPS. I'm sure there are some good nav apps out there, but I wasn't really willing to shell out the money on a chance. GPS works basically anywhere there's relatively open sky, and has car and walking options just like the phone, so it ended up being the right call for me.


Good points, all of them.
I love Google maps and it's integration with the phone, but its dependant on cell service to load map tiles. You can pre cache some tikes, but it is limited.
I had a poor experience with my Magellan GPS, don't want to spend another 2 bills for a new device with map updates.
We travel places in north America where solid cell signal is not present, I have sprint, she has at&t (grand canyon is a recent example).
Basically without having paper maps of everywhere, the boys scout in me tells me to be as prepared as possible.

Oh, and modern maps also show a lot of hiking trails and off road areas, which is a plus. :)


I did not get any of this working on my HP touchpad running cm7.

Navfree USA: Free Satnav ** DID not work on my HP touch pad running cm7... but free try it.

Street View on Google Maps? Or just google map? I was weary of the claims it would be fine. Just updated to CM9 so I am going to try Navfree again, but I did buy a real GPS.