questionswhat do i do with a tablet i purchased that does…


Deals.woot is a deal aggregator and it doesn't sell anything itself: it's just a place for you to find out about good deals that can be purchased elsewhere on the web. If you purchased something from a deal listed on deals.woot, you have to communicate with the retailer from whom you made your purchase.
Most of us answering your question are not staff, so we don't have any special abilities to view your order history.
If you did make a purchase from a Woot site, you should to check your Woot order history for the site from which you ordered.

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@moosezilla: with the new setup your purchase history is combined in to one list.

I did some googling and found this

It sounds like there's a reset button possibly between the Power Button and mini-USB port.

If you insert a paperclip in to the hole and push the button for 5 seconds hopefully you can reset the tablet.

If that doesn't work I'd contact whoever you bought the tablet from to ask about warranty info.

If the tablet was sold by woot I'd email them at They're really awesome there and have helped me a few times.

If that doesn't work it looks like you can open the device up and unplug the battery and plug it back in.

details for that can be found here


I actually got one too, back in November. These are known for freezing up, if that is what is happening. Like @gordonfrost said, try the reset, but it may take up to 30 seconds before the little droid guy pops up, info I got on a droid site. The weird thing is, the first time it took the longest, but after that it seemed to go faster, closer to that 5 second mark. It is very hard to tell when you are pushing the button, I found it to be a bit stiffer than most resets. So it may take a few tedious attempts, especially with the tiny hole you can only get something really small, like a straight pin into. Good luck, I'll try to post back with some helpful links, if you want me to, if this doesn't help.