questionsis any one looking forward to agents of s.h.i.e.lā€¦


Is it on Fox? If so, then no.

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I never heard of it/them.


Yes but reserved.

SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) is the gov organization that Nick Fury is part of. The same group that was in the Avengers movie. It's on ABC (developed by ABC Studios).

They say that it's set after the Avengers movie but Coulson was killed in the movie but is leading the team in the show. Wha? Sad that Cobie Smulders but good that Ming-Na Wen is in it.


Yes, Coulson was killed in the Avengers. But this is Marvel. Death is more of an inconvenience than a solution. It's a Whedon TV series. So it will be awesome but eclectic, take forever to gain momentum, and get canceled just before it takes off. To be honest the preview I saw at the theater this weekend was underwhelming. It felt like the TV series Alphas. But for me fiction (TV, movies and books) is about characters, and no one is stronger on character than Whedon. So while the preview didn't excite me, I still expect to like it, because Joss Whedon is my master.

If you are a fan and haven't read "Serenity in 2,000 words or less", go there right now.


@moondrake: Upvote for "But this is Marvel. Death is more of an inconvenience than a solution."


@first2summit: Welcome to Level 7 and remember "Don't Touch Lola"

(if you don't understand, you'll have to watch the previews)


I wonder if Electra will do a guest spot.


Fact 1: Nick Fury and Agent Coulson realized the Avengers would need a push to work together.
Fact 2: Nick Fury planted the blood on the Capt America trading cards.
Fact 3: Agent Coulson's body was never seen.

4th wall: writers can do anything with deus ex machina


@moondrake: Ditto.

And Whedon is great with dialogue, too. My fingers are crossed that this one will stay on the air long enough to gain momentum.


@moondrake: Okay, that was awesome. Graar.

Whedon is my master, as well. If I hadn't just started on Angel, I would totally be breaking out the Firefly. Again.

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I'm more curious if a show about a secret government agency that does whatever it wants in the name of keeping things safe will go over as well in this new climate. I guess we'll see.


The main killer will be making sure there is enough viewership to maintain what has got to be a huge budget on the show. The pilot and first episode will be awesome but what happens when the money runs a little low? Sad thing is it may get chopped at the first sign of trouble.