questionsanyone else looking forward to the return of…


I wasn't, until I saw the trailers. Now, I am!


Yes, but honestly, anything would be better than the crap on tv right now.


Yes. DVR already queued up. After Fox (the network where good Sci-Fi shows go to die) killed Terra Nova, what's left but Falling Skies?

As a Stephen King fan, I'm also looking forward to new episodes of Haven.


Yes. The last couple of weeks have been pretty bleak.

Burn Notice starts in 8 days.


I am, but I need to do a refresh from last season to get reminders. I'm bad about that.


@jsimsace: I might just do the same thing. If I'm gonna watch reruns, may as well be reruns of a show I like.


Yes, I am absolutely looking forward to it. The first season was very well done, hopefully the second will be good too!


Warehouse 13, absolutely yes. Falling Skies, not so much. I enjoyed the first three or four episodes, but after that I pretty much lost interest. I'm not sure why, but [shrug] it just didn't entertain me anymore.

I'm eager to get Haven back soon, though.


@magic cave: According to TVRage wehave to wait till Sept 21 for season 3.


@woadwarrior: September 21?? Arrghhh!

(and thank you for the information)