questionswould you be in favor of bringing back gladiator…


Not sure if you're being serious or trying to be funny, but a comedian had suggested that some time ago. I can't remember for sure who it was, but I think it may have been George Carlin.


Things like that are a regular feature in movies set in a dystopian future for a reason. It is the definition of glorifying violence. It was fine 2000 years ago, but this ain't ancient Rome.

Also, people aren't disposable. You don't just toss them in a ring with some medieval weapons and say "have at it" just because they're a burden on the system. I'm not against the death penalty, but there's a difference between lethal injection and a mace to the face.

Interesting question, though.


I remember having a similar discussion about spammers on a previous question. Take a look if you want. I say we try to make some monies off of any event though. Also, as originator of any ideas, I get 10% off the top.


@lparsons42: totally being serious.. I really think the Romans had something... (minus the fact they were slaves).. But criminals should be making the government money, not spending the money.

Just saying....


I agree with @rprebel, and will add this, too many were falsely accused and only the persistence of family/friends and lawyers sensitive to these kind of cases, were they able with DNA to be exonerated. What happens to these people, if thrown into some Roman-esk like arena for the pleasure of the "mob"


@rprebel: "Also, people aren't disposable. You don't just toss them in a ring"
Does Panama, Iraq, or Afghanistan mean anything to you? Other people will always be disposable. Especially if Daddy Warbucks can make money on it.


Probably not a good idea to (effectively) sentence people to death unless we know they are guilty (though I'll grant that we do this now yet no one profits from it).

Also, what is in it for them (the criminals)? Are we going to let the winner of such a contest out to wreak havoc on the population at large? Or is the end result that the worst (or would it be best?) of the murderers then gets put down by the state?

On the other hand, I do think that people in jail, especially long term, should be required to earn their keep. Why should they get free room and board as a result of being convicted of a crime?


All in all, I think it would be much more entertaining to make survivor-type shows for real (where you get voted off by ceasing to live). Let people choose to do it if they really want to do so.


No, but prisons should be turned into factories, for all levels of criminals, why do we pay other countries to make our stuff when we have a wealth of inmates who owe a debt to society.

some might argue that they would not work effectivley, we could offer shorter sentances for good work and meeting quotas, etc....

ive heard of some prisons that have factories as part of them where inmates get paid to work, WTF is that.. maybe that would be ok if we billed them for their stay in the big concrete hotel.


It's already been done. It was called "The Running Man".


@baqui63: what's in it for them? Survival until the next game.
@shadowblue42: the unions fight prison industries tooth & nail, it undercuts their scam too much.


@captainsuperdawg: I think the Roman Empire would disagree with you claiming to be the originator of the idea. Also roughly 1,239 movies about the "near" future.


@apocello42: Nope. My idea. I even have it copyrighted. Those "Roman Empire" guys owe me some money. What's their phone number?


Gore-porn films and ultra-violent videogames not enough to sate the American appetite for savagery? Let's bring back the gladiatorial games! Why watch fictional people be dismembered, disemboweled and die screaming when we can do it to real people? The Romans had an excuse for their intellectual and moral decay, they were eating off lead plates. What's our excuse for the cruelty and degradation some of us call entertainment?