questionsis craigslist actually a good place to find a…


Mixed bag, really. Try to crosscheck CL listings with newspaper listings, bring someone with you when you check places out, etc.


yes, we rented our current home from a craigslist post. Awesome landlord and great monthly rent price. We also rented out a house we owned in another town via craiglist. No problems with those tenants, and there were lots of applications from that CL post.


Our last 3 apartments were from Craigslist postings. Never had a problem with the posters not responding. Maybe it varies by city? I live in Los Angeles where there's always lots of vacancies and competition for tenants.

Our current—and best—apartment we actually found by walking around the neighborhood we wanted to live in and looking out for "For Rent" signs. About 90% of the places, we just stood outside, called on our cell phone, and the on-site manager showed us the apartment right then and there. The place we live in now, the apartment manager is old school and would have never listed on Craigslist. All the renters are either word-of-mouth or those like us who passed by. So glad we hit the streets to get this place.


I've never looked within big cities, but I've had a great deal of luck searching Craigslist in suburbs. I found my current apartment in that way; as long as you check things out (closely), I think it's actually quite effective.


Ours is mostly ads and links by various real estate companies sprinkled with a few scams and a small number of legitimate listings. It seemed to be a lot more lively and diverse up to a couple of years ago. I can't figure out how people are advertising their properties these days. It isn't in the newspaper, it isn't on Craigslist, and it isn't on Realtor/Zillow/Trulia/Redfin.

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@thewronggrape: Word of Mouth! Word of Mouth! Another good method: if you have a friend in the area, ask for their landlord's number and they might know another landlord who has a place to rent nearby. Some of the landlords in my college town were buddies.

Plus, having a trustworthy landlord is AN INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT PART of renting.


I'm glad you asked as I'll be moving fairly soon myself. I haven't really searched for a new place since CL became a thing. Therefore, I'm following the answers you receive with great interest.

In my experience with CL in general, the greatest difficulty is that posters rarely remove their ad once the "whatever" is no longer available. I assume that holds true for rentals in the same way it does for random items. My logic dictates it would be to their advantage to remove the ad, as people would then stop contacting them. If only the world operated according to my logic!


I don't know if it's a good place to find living accommodations, but apparently it's not considered a good adoption agency.


The only time craigslist is completely bogus in my experience is when you use it to job search - you get a bunch of replies saying they'll pay you gobs of money for easy work, could you just please supply your personal info, you know?

But last move we used because then we got a $100 gift visa card when we used them to find our place, plus we could see lots of pictures to get a feel for the places before we wasted gas on a bad place.

Best of luck!