questionshas anyone ever tried "simply straws"?


I haven't tried this brand, but have had others. I found them to be a bit delicate to carry in a purse, all mine ended up chipping, even without that. I have some stainless ones now, that don't have that problem, and are safe also. here is a link to some nice ones,


Those stainless steel straws look like a much better option and they look cool too not to mention they are less than 1/2 the price, nice find!


Do the inside of those stainless ones clean easily? I'd be nervous that they don't really get clean inside, unless maybe you soaked them before washing. I see it says "pipe cleaner" on that site, but that seems like a chore :-) And, you have to buy (and throw away) pipe cleaners.


@kmeltzer: Ah ha, so it isn't just me, thinking about those things....
I actually bought a set like this one, comes with a brush, and then I run them through the dishwasher. They can also be boiled.

I am pretty OCD about scrubbing things out, so I have a set of lab brushes.


I live in the desert, water is precious. The amount of water used to clean a reusable straw would definitely not result in a boon to the environment. I use compostable straws, cps and lids made from corn for my morning smoothies. I reuse the cups and lid several times but the straws only once.


I've been on a quest for reusable straws for months, but I keep running into the concern expressed by @kmeltzer about cleaning them - so thanks @pickypickypicky for the information that stainless steel straws can be boiled!

Poking around amazon for reusable straws just now, I ran across some silicone straws that have very positive reviews. It looks like they are dishwasher-safe; in general, silicone can be boiled in water. I like that they are more flexible than stainless steel and that they come in two pieces, so it would be easier to put them in a lunchbox or purse. I'm not sure whether silicone or stainless steel would be better for me, but it seems like silicone could be a good option for toddlers/kids who tend to chew on straws. Hmm...


We use the stainless ones, too, and I love them. I generally just make sure to give them a quick rinse right after using, and put them in the dishwasher with the silverware, never had a problem getting them clean.


Go with the stainless ones, if you want to do that. The thought of putting something glass (and, by the looks of them at least) rather fragile in a ladies purse seems to be asking for trouble. I can see the nice glass straw ending up as a bunch of glass shards in the bottom of the purse.


@moondrake: That's true , if you are just washing one straw, but seems negligible, when doing your regular dishes.

@neuropsychosocial: Ooh, I really like those silicone ones. With both the silicone and the stainless, you can bleach, boil, and wash in a dishwasher, but the silicone ones would feel nicer, and the stainless ones look elegant, and would last longer. There is also a titanium one on amazon, for the straw that you can pass down to your children.