questionswhy don't you have a space to search for a…


Hello. If you are referring to finding a specific product on the Deals.woot site, start by clicking on Community Deals. (Where you posted this question is not where the deals can be found.) Once you are on the Community Deals part, you will see a listing of the Top Deals. At the very top of this list is a search box.
(The 5 deals with changing pictures at the top are Sponsored Deals. The Community Deals start just a bit lower on the page.)


Look at the image below.

On the main deals.woot page, you will find a search box.
You can type words into this box.
If you then click the "search" button, you will have a list of things that match your query.
Review the results, refine your search as necessary.
Click and buy things to your heart's content.


You're new here, right? Welcome to DW! :)


With questions like this, I tend to wonder why new folks don't ask, "Is there a way to search..." instead of just assuming that since they didn't find one there must not be one.


@magic cave: Agreed... I also wonder if there will be a thank you of any sort...