questionsdo you still have he bamboo set for the kitchen…


Deals.woot doesn't actually sell anything. It's a deals aggregator. If you're talking about an item from another Woot site, sorry but you missed your shot. Each item is up for 24 hours or until it's sold out.

Don't fret though, because items do tend to cycle every now and again. But unfortunately, the short answer is probably no.

If it was from the deals.woot end, though, use the search and find the item. You can see if it's still available from whatever site was selling it.


I'm going to assume you mean the bamboo organizer set that was on sale yesterday from home.woot. If so, it was offered before yesterday as well, so chances are good it will be available again somewhere down the line. It could show up in home.woot, or sellout.woot, or even regular old woot (check the side sales as well), so just keep looking.


Maybe I'm just feeling crochety today, but since the OP has made at least 25 purchases on Woot sites I'm surprised s/he hasn't figured this stuff out yet.