questionswhat brand tv do you prefer? also, which type…


I have a 50" Samsung plasma TV that I've been happy with for the most part. It's about 5 years old and paid $2000 for it. I do get some buzzing from the Wii, which forced me to remove one of the audio cables, but I'm not sure the problem was with the TV and haven't cared enough to root cause it. I am refinishing my basement and that TV is going downstairs, to be replaced by something in the 60-70" range. I'd be interested to see if anyone has recommendations on a TV that size.


1. Name brand. I don't care who it is, as long as it is not a no name.
2. Price and size.
3. Type and picture quality. It matters to you to where it is placed. Dark, plasma. Bright, LED. 1080 and 720. Most games are @ 720, movies @ 1080.
Some mention a hum on the plasma. I have not experienced this.

Not to get a 720/1080 and plasma/LED war started, but I'm happy with my $500, 50 inch, 720 plasma I got 2 years ago.


Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Sony, & Samsung all make good sets. I personally prefer plasma, but don't get one if you have a lot of light in the room.


@jeffrjohn: Perhaps you want to avoid a TV altogether or at least hold off until OLED and crystal displays arrive. If you have the wallspace I recommend a projector. They do require a separate sound system, but most TVs do not have great built in speakers anyways.

If you absolutely need to get a TV though I recommend a DLP set, they are amazingly cheap for the sizes they come in, nowhere near as thin as LEDs though so check one out in store.


@killerorca: I've thought a lot about that for replacing the current TV, but it is in our main family room. I worry that a projector and sound system will complicate the system too much for the wife and kids (even with a well programed remote). The basement wall would be OK for a projector, but that would mean I can't upgrade the 50" in the family room.


I never saw the point in getting a high-def TV. The picture quality wasn't enough of an improvement to justify the cost. Then I saw a Samsung LED TV on display and it was an instant must-have. I ended up getting an LG because it cost less and I'm happy with it despite some early problems that were covered under warranty. But if I had to buy another one now, I'd probably go with a Samsung or Sharp.



Why Plasma: Sharper image, better contrast, dark blacks, perfect view from all angles, good for all lighting conditions (using built in or custom screen settings.) I have sun blasting in from about 11am to 7pm, depending on the time of year. I can view my TVs in all lighting conditions. I've been in apartments in the same line as mine with high end LEDs and the sun just drowns the picture out.

Why Samsung: 1) Low prices for highest end plasma sets. I have the 2010 50" & the 2011 51" 8000 series (NO HUM!) I payed less than $1200 for each set. Do your homework, there are great deals to be found online. 2) Side by side, Samsungs only competition is the Panasonics and when viewing them side by side in a couple of different stores, I found the Samsung to be easier to watch with fewer reflections and a more stable picture. I always thought that refresh rate was important, but other factors are also.

Cons: Samsung slow to provide some apps, like Amazon Prime for 2011 set.


My favorite TV brand is works + cheap. My favorite kind of TV is DLP, because it meets that formula. I got a 72" name brand (Phillips? Pioneer? It's at home) DLP TV several years ago for $1,500 and haven't had a single problem with it. At that time LCDs that size cost twice as much and plasmas even more, so it was a great deal.

I don't like LCDs, their picture seems flat to me (possibly the black isn't strong enough). Plasmas are nice when they are properly tuned but I see a lot in the store that have the colors running too hot and everything is oversaturated.


Here's a link to an older discussion in which I took part - same question about LCD vs LED vs Plasma, as well as brand:

The basics of what I've got to say as an enthusiast calibrator will remain the same - Plasma still offers the best picture quality, bar-none. However, they are all glossy, which can be a big no-no for some settings. LED-backlit LCDs are good enough at this point that they'll do reasonably well in comparison to plasma, if you get a good one from LG, Samsung, etc. Any recognized brand will do okay; just make sure that it's not a basic model. As much as I hate paying for "features" that I'll never use, you get better picture quality and video processing with the higher-end sets. And 120-240Hz refresh is just fine - just don't opt for one that's only 60Hz.


Samsung and LG are good.
LED backlit (with local dimming) LCD all the way.

Plasma screens are too shiny and have a lot of glare. Also the viewing angles are worse with a plasma. I know plasmas are better nowadays regarding image "burn", but LCD is still better IMO if you're using it for Internet, apps, or video games.


I have a Toshiba 46" 120hz LCD tv and I love it. The blacks are almost as dark as a Plasma and the quality is just amazing. If you end up going with an LCD make sure to get one that is 120HZ or above. Some of the 60HZ televisions tend to have ghosting on things like video games.


I've found that Samsung has the sharpest LCD picture. Toshiba makes the best plasma, and last I looked (a couple years ago, I admit) Samsung also topped the LED picture.

I used to work at a Sears selling TVs, so I have somewhat of a good idea. Or at least I did, the TV market's probably changed somewhat in the last two years.

Samsung is still my preference though. I have one, and my parents have a number of TVs in their home, from most any make you can imagine. My TV, far and wide, has the best picture.

If I were buying a new TV today, without a budgetary limitation, I'd get a Samsung LED. Really bright, vibrant colors and one HECK of a contrast ratio. Some of my favorite movies are fairly dark and some games I like are as well. Better contrast ratio = better visibility and picture.


I have a Philips 50" plasma, that was in my living room. Had a few years, and always happy with it. The TV in my basement (mainly for gaming) died this weekend. It was an older projection LCD. Since I was happy with Philips, I got another. I put the 50" plasma in the basement, and got a 55" LCD for the living room. So far, so good.

Personally, I think the colors on the LCDs are nicer. When comparing side-by-side plasma/LCD/LED, the LED was best but the LCD was a close second. The plasma was nice, but I could really tell the difference when everything was side-by-side.


@thedogma: I was about to post basically everything you just said. Except I worked at Sears selling TVs more like 4 years ago. Same opinion though-- Samsung LCD for me.


@jeffrjohn I'm not trying to troll at all, but to be honest and answer the question without really doing so, if you have a white wall, i would HIGHLY suggest buying a projector. I used to be a Samsung LCD/LED kind of guy because of the sleek look and nice visuals, but when I moved into my new apt i bought the optoma hd20 from a woot sale for about $650 and it is the most amazing thing ever. I get compliments from everyone who visits, because you essentially get a 1080p 85" screen with amazing visuals for whats about the same as a 42" Samsung LED... if you have a white wall and usually only watch TV past like 6pm, I highly suggest a projector, otherwise im sticking with my old answer of Samsung LED


Panasonic Plasma here. Finally bought it last year, love it. Glare can be annoying at times in full sun, but that's what blinds are for on the windows. Nothing beats it for fast-motion full-color.


I've been researching for my next set, and I've decided on getting a Sharp Quattron set once I can afford it. (Can't afford anything atm being laid off.) They have the largest color pallet of any set out there which gives you truer to life colors. (Important to me since I do photography, and I'll also be using this as my comp desktop when I'm not watching tv.)


@ksridhar89: I don't consider it trolling. It's a good recommendation, and if I was single it would probably be the way I went. But, with the wife and kids as well as the light in the room (now that several have mentioned it) I don't think it will work in the room. Thanks for the info though.


I fondly remember the days of playing GoldenEye on the N64 with 4-player split screen on a 19 inch TV.
Now I complain about having "small screen" when playing on my 55 inch TV with only 1 other player.
Oh, how far we've come...


We're very happy with our Panasonic Plasma, 42" 1080p. (We were also happy with the same size/brand in 720.


I love my "Wall TV"

I have an Epson Projector and a sound system in my loft. It's like our own movie theater (137" diagonal)

We have a 50" plasma downstairs, and I don't think we have turned it on in a month.