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Good question. I would guess that the paid, sponsored deals are vetted through deals.woot's management. Personally, I think the rules are a little unfair for both Amazon & eBay sellers. I am much more concerned about the seller's reliability & rating than how many transactions they have. For instance, if a seller has a 500 transactions with a 98% or higher positive feedback score, I will probably not feel any hesitation to deal w/them. If you look at reviews, it is easy to spot someone w/a chip on their shoulder as opposed to someone who has a legitimate issue. On the other hand, there are sellers with their own websites ( for example) who do huge volume but have horrible customer service. I was a happy customer of theirs until I had a problem. Now I am an ex-customer. Even though the complaints may be a small % of their overall business, the way they handle those complaints is a major issue w/me. I own a business and use the Golden Rule as a guiding principle in my life.


Those who pay, get to play. Rules are always different for those with cash.

Also known as the Golden Rule: Those who have the gold make the rules.


(cont.) Since I have had a few deals go south online, I now make it a habit to Google a firm's reviews and check several sources before I make a purchase, especially if they are not affiliated w/eBay or Amazon which have buyer protection policies in place. When I was in direct sales, there was a rule known as the '3:10 Rule' which stated that every happy customer might tell up to 3 of their friends about their positive experience, while every unhappy customer would tell 10 friends about their negative experience. This negates the 'customer is always right' adage, and I know for a fact that the customer is NOT always right. In fact some of them are total a$$hats. But they have the money and a mouth.


@ohcheri: Not the same Golden Rule I was referring to but I agree. Unfortunately this is why our country is so screwed-up.


I agree w/both zippy and ohcheri. The 1,000 feedback rule for Amazon is excessive. Far too many required. If the merchant is sourced via Amazon, you are covered by their excellent CS and return policy. I stated that several months ago & was quickly slapped into place by staff. Pretty much feel the same about ebay - it's up to me to decide if I want to buy an item. 1,000 feedback is nice, but, IMO, should not be a criteria for posting a deal here. I'll decide if I wish to purchase. Sponsored deals are something else. As we've learned. Thought that they were vetted; not true.

And yes, money talks. It's their site. They can do as they please.

Re: This question: Different rules for different factions. Do hope this question & the answers prompt a change in the 1,000 review requirement. So....thanks for the question!! (Still chuckling over the "logical, reasonable answer.")


@zippy the pinhead: I'm in almost complete agreement with you on the ebay and Amazon merchant requirements. I'd be comfortable with requiring 500 feedback ratings, but I'd prefer an overall score of at least 99%. (I've made 1000+ purchases from ebay, almost never purchase from someone with a rating of under 99.2%, and have had only purchases go bad.)

That said, however, I disagree with you on the issue of whether merchants who want to sponsor deals are vetted in any useful way, and I offer as evidence the recent fiasco with the Zumba/barbell/whatever guy and his evidently fraudulent businesses.

More to the point of my own curiosity, however, is the question that if sponsoring merchants do have lowered standards for sponsored posted here (1) what other standards might be lowered for them, and (2) if they later want to post unsponsored deals, which set of standards will apply to them, the "must have 1000 ratings" or the "963 is good enough" one?


@gmwhit: I'm not totally comfortable with your caveat emptor position on ebay deals being posted here, primarily because if we take that position for ebay merchants there's no real reason not to extend it to anyone who wants to post a deal here: sellers of counterfeit merchandise, yard-sale folks, sleazy free-hotel-room vendors, and other assorted "merchants." On this site I want to know there are at least some standards.

For the rest of my opinion on ebay and Amazon merchants, see my response to Zippy.


Here is another item. This deal was just posted here:
The seller has over 5000 reviews, but their average monthly negative reviews rating is 10%, which is horrible for any vendor in any market. However, the deal is still valid according to the deals.woot rules.
So, caveat emptor everywhere seems to be the way to go.


@magic cave: I understand what you're saying about the highly questionable ebay deals...and yet, I survived quite well shopping on ebay before You say you 'want to know there are at least some standards'...and now we have them.

Sometimes enforced; sometimes not. If a member finds a really good deal on ebay that's listed by a vendor w/100 fbs, I'll never see it. Doesn't meet requirements. Ditto Amazon.

My wish is to decide on my own if it's a valid deal - one that I would like to purchase. Or not.

We've all noticed that very few people are posting deals here. I no longer wonder why. The environment here is far from welcoming.


Eeeek! While replying to @zippy the pinhead I wrote, "... have had only purchases go bad."

That should have been "have had only two purchases go bad."

Harumph. Lot of good spell check is if it can't figure out that I've missed an entire word.


@zippy the pinhead: For whatever reason, the 10% negative review deal is gone now. Did you tattle it? Or maybe a mod read your comments or saw the deal?

Whichever, the end result is good.